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IAC – the International Academy of Consciousness is a non-profit research and education organization dedicated to investigating consciousness and helping, everyone who is willing, reach their human potential. This blog is for any inquiring individual, who has pondered on their existence, questioned the established human paradigms, is open minded on multiple levels or simply curious and interested in one or the total sum of the following subjects.

  • Paranormal phenomena
  • Psychic phenomena
  • Energy (chi, prana, subtle energy)
  • Out-of-body experiences (astral projection, astral traveling)
  • Retrocognitions (past-life memories)
  • Spirit Guides
  • Non-Physical Planes (other dimensions)
  • Karma
  • Self-awareness
  • Personal Evolution
  • Life after Death
  • Life’s Purpose (existential program)

At IAC, one of our main points of study is the development of psychic, energetic abilities especially lucid projections also known as; out-of-body experiences (OBE’s) astral traveling or astral projection. An OBE is very different from a regular dream. During a lucid out-of-body experience, we can visit loved ones who have moved on, communicate with spiritual guides, find out about our life mission, lose the fear of death and many other things to promote our spiritual growth. A lucid projection can be an extremely useful tool which can provide valuable information to help us further our self-understanding, our inner and outer realities both in the intraphysical and extraphysical dimensions.

One of the main objectives of the IAC is to catalyze the global evolution of human beings through promoting an ever-increasing understanding about the nature of the consciousness (individual essence). In the past 10 years we have been teaching self-awareness while outside the body to tens of thousands of students throughout the world. This year we are looking forward to celebrating our tenth year anniversary by setting goals like helping even more people reach their full evolutionary potential. With this blog we are launching one of the many initiatives to open up our lines of communication with the global-viral community.

Visit our blog regularly to read the latest :

  • Updates from all IAC offices around the world.
  • Articles on related topics
  • Research Studies
  • Social commentaries and much more

Join us and see for yourself how all the material in this blog originates from a different perspective of human reality. We are stepping outside the established paradigms and presenting information from a Consciential point of view.

We at the IAC certainly do not hold the absolute truth on any of the subjects we study. In fact, in every classroom of every city, in any event we take part in; you will always see the following sign posted very visibly:

“Don’t believe in anything you hear. Experiment, have your own experiences”.

Because of this principle, we look forward to use this blog as an open forum for exchange of ideas and interaction with our readers. We cordially invite you to share your comments, experiences and questions regarding these not so publicly discussed yet essential matters.

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