Saturday, July 24, 2010

News from IAC Campus - The Main Rest Area Project


The Main Rest Area project is aiming to create new outdoor areas where nature can interact with appropriate infrastructures, resulting in spatial diversity within the IAC Campus. The idea is to take advantage of the natural environment’s exceptional beauty in order to facilitate a greater social and bioenergetic exchange.


This will be a rest area where people can benefit from nature in a pleasant and relaxing environment, a comfortable place where they can chat, read a book, ponder or even have a picnic. All while promoting the conservation of all natural assets, education in nature, biodiversity, etc.

The project will include the following structures:

  • Wooden Pergolas
  • Wooden Tables
  • Wooden Benches
  • Small water stream for water circulation
  • A water fall with a small pond
  • Water deposits
  • Construction of walk-ways
  • Signs


Initially this Main Rest Area will be equipped with 3 wooden pergolas designed with original curved shapes to create a more suitable space for its users. There will also be a wooden table and benches within each pergola.

The goal is to facilitate a greater integration between the person and the IAC Campus, nature and all its immanent energy.


A small water stream and waterfall will be constructed to help circulate the water. Overall, this will promote a more humid condition, favoring the growth of vegetation and improving the surrounding environment.

The installation of a water pumping system will allow for constant recirculation.


The deposits will collect and store rain water on one side of the events hall, this way we will also be contributing to the reusing of the hydraulic resources. Two deposits with an initial capacity of 13, 0000 L will be installed. An automatic pump will re-circulate the water through the streams and will be recollected back into the deposits.


Pergolas2.902,5038.707,50 €
Benches360,0031.080,00 €
Water deposits7.200,00214.400,00 €
Water cannals9.600,0019.600,00 €
Preparation of land and pathways2.400,0012.400,00 €
TOTAL36.187,50 €

If you would like to contribute to this project, please make your donation:

As a way of implementing certain elements of the project, the completion of it has been planned in three phases so as to shorten the time before the space can be used and enjoyed by visitors, students and researchers while at the IAC Campus.

  1. A Pergola with its table and benches, plus initial walkways (Approx. 4,000 euros)
  2. Water deposits and streams, finishing walkways (Approx. 24,000 euros)
  3. Two remaining Pergolas with tables and benches (Approx. 8,000 euros)


We at the IAC are very committed and looking forward to the completion of this project in order to offer everyone a space where they can enjoy the IAC Campus in a different way.

IAC Campus Development Department

Gerardo Teus

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