Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Frequently asked questions about OBEs - An interview

IAC Florida Instructor Nelson Abreu gave an interview to Vlad Moskovski's blog "Meditation secrets revealed" in October 2009. Below is an excerpt from it:

Q: What is an out of body experience?

A: An out of body experience (obe) is when the consciousness, meaning the individual himself, makes a transition from operating with his – her physical body to operating with the astral. Another way to put it is that person transitions from the physical, everyday reality into a parallel but different dimension. This dimension is more subtle than ours, but always there. It remains invisible to many of us because we lack the psychical perception to see into it.

Projecting into this parallel dimension is temporary, it can last from a few seconds to a couple of hours in rare cases, but inevitably we must return to the physical body. The process of moving into the astral dimension is dependant on the energetic connection between the physical and the astral body. This connection, sometimes called the silver cord, allows us to travel into the astral dimension and keeps our two bodies connected and safe. It also allows energy and information to flow between the two bodies.

Out of body experiences never causes the severing of the silver cord, but physical death is a process that involves the de-activation of the silver cord and could be called a “final projection.”

We tend to think of astral projection or out of body experiences as something supernatural and separate from the physical life. Something that only gifted or psychic people can do, but we all have this ability and go through this separation every night when we sleep and dream.

Q: What is the difference between dreaming and having an OBE?

A: The major difference is that dreams are illusory creations of the brain, whereas the obe is real, in the sense that it can be objectively shared with others like physical life. The average person goes through a partial disconnection while sleeping. When we dream, our astral body hovers just slightly above the physical body. What is missing is the awareness and intention to fully project out. Even in a lucid dream, there is still a range of lucidity and some people are able to use the lucid dream as a springboard to go into an obe. The realness of the obe experience, makes it self evident that it is different from a dream. Out of body experiences become as real as our daily lives.

Q: What are the benefits, why would somebody want to try this?

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