Sunday, October 17, 2010

IAC Miami - The Vibrational State Project & Other October Activites

We have put together an exciting new project for our Sponsor / Major membership meeting of IAC, Florida Educational Center: The Vibrational State Project. And we have decided to open the doors to everyone so they can join this project as well. Pre-requisite to take part in this project is to have completed CDP Module 2.

Basic Membership and up qualifies for re-taking CDP Modules! CDP Module 3 is going on next weekend as well. Classes 1 and 3 are 1 to 3:30 PM (Discussion with Bioenergy Practical at the end) and Classes 2 and 4 (OBE Session) are 4 to 6:30 PM.

We also have Bioenergy Workout on Tuesday at 7 PM (English) and Sunday at 9:30 AM (Spanish).

The Vibrational State Project:

The Vibrational State project aims to continue the work we started in Nanci Trivellato's "Mastering the Vibrational State" Course we had in March. When you sign up for this project, you can attend the membership meeting on Saturday, 23rd of October at 7pm. These are the benefits you will receive:
  • A booklet with instructions to track your VELO attempts throughout the day. This booklet will help you monitor, analyze and help you get into the habit of doing energy work throughout the day.
  • Daily reminders to attempt installing Vibrational States, via email or as a text message reminder to your cellphone for 20 days
  • $5 discount on a Vibrational State Laboratory session at the IAC Florida Center
  • An opportunity to meet with an instructor after the 20th day, to discuss about the progress
If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, please sign up for this project by emailing us at or calling (305) 668-4668. If you call to sign up, please make sure to mention "Vibrational State project in May". Advance registration is absolutely required to take part in this project. The deadline to register is Wednesday, 20th of October at 8 PM.

Major Members & Sponsor Members - Free !* click here to register for membership

Basic Member - Special Offer: participate in this project and get an automatic upgrade to Major Membership $ 25 - Click here to register online

Associate Members & Non-members - $ 55 - Click here to register online

*Note - Please note Major Members & Sponsor members will be able to take part in this project for free however, we would like to request you to make a donation of $ 7 to cover the cost of the booklet.

We hope you take advantage of this opportunity and take part in this project.

Best Energies,
IAC Florida Volunteer team

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