Thursday, October 14, 2010

IAC returns to Gainesville!

IAC began activities in Gainesville, Florida in 2003, with IAC Florida's presentation on Out-of-Body Experience in Colloquium on Consciousness Studies, organized by University of Florida student organization Science of Self Club, founded by Nelson Abreu who went on to become faculty at IAC. From 2003 to 2005, IAC Florida and New York instructors presented a number of lectures in and around the campus, including guest talks for the Psychology Department course "Non-Local Consciousness," co-created by Nelson Abreu with input from IAC, taught by Dr. Barbara Welsch and sponsored by the UF Center for Spirituality and Health.

More recently, we returned in the Fall 2009 to lecture at Dr. Welsch's course and this Fall for free seminars and energy courses at the public library, Sweetwater Park, and the Seraphim Center. We look forward to returning in the Spring of 2011 with leisure courses at University of Florida, more short courses throughout town, and the return of the award-winning Consciousness Development Program: IAC's flagship course on out-of-body experience, bioenergy, and spiritual development.

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