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For conscientiology there are basically two elements: consciousness and energy. Conscientiology understand consciousness as the active principle that gives rise to thoughts and feelings, transforming them into actions. All consciousness has a field of bioenergy that surrounds it, this field is the holochakra.

We make permanent exchanges of energy through it. Energy enters and leaves in an interactive process. We normally donate and absorb energy in a daily basis, which compensates or decompensate us.

The source of all energy is Immanent Energy.

What is Immanent Energy?

It is the primary energy, vibrating, invisible, completely impersonal; present in all objects or physical realities, interpenetrating the whole universe, too subtle to be detected by technology. Every consciousness absorbs, externalizes, captures, modifies, and therefore projects this Immanent Energy.

We can find different types and states of energy in nature, for example:

  • Geothermal energy: energy from the earth, also known as telluric.
  • Hydropower: Energy from water.
  • Phytoenergy: Energy from plants.
  • Aeroenergy: Energy from the air.

When we get closer to nature, we have a great chance to experiment with different types of energy. We can capture the energy of a plant, of a tree, of the water, of a simple rock or a pebble through the development of personal energy sensitivity.

The consciousness transforms this Immanent Energy into Consciential Energy through the imprinting of its own thoughts, emotions and energy (thosene).

What is Consciential Energy?

Consciential Energy represents the whole of our more frequent thoughts and emotions.

It is our business card, responsible for some human qualities such as physical attractiveness, charisma, charm, personal magnetism, etc., And also responsible for our preferences in relationships by the degree of affinity to these E.C.

This article was originally published in IACelera tu evolucion. Copyrights IAC Madrid office 2005.

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