Saturday, December 18, 2010

IAC New York: Consciential Derepression with Jeffrey Lloyd

Derepression means freeing ourselves from being restricted to institutions, ideas, gurus, idolizations, material possessions, personal weaknesses, and psychological crutches. This thematic seminar examines a wide range of mechanisms that can repress, restrict and impede people and their lucidity. By trying to understand how and why our repressions exist, and how we are affected by them, we set ourselves on the path to be free of them and attain full personal/spiritual balance.

Topics include:

• Derepression & lucidity
• Derepression & free-will
• Derepression & universalism
• Derepression & groups
• Internal & external factors
• Ways to attain holosomatic homeostasis (full spiritual balance)
• Practical techniques to accelerate personal Derepression

Date: Friday, January 7th, 2011
Time: 6:30 - 9:30pm
Place: IAC New York Office

Registration Information:

(212) 867-0807
(800) 778-3778
In Person:
151 West 46th Street Suite 1202 (between 6th & 7th Avenue)
New York, NY 10036
Mon - Fri, 3 - 8pm

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Jeffrey Lloyd is a Sydney based IT Consultant and former Executive Director of the International Academy of Consciousness Sydney Office. He has been researching consciousness extensively for more than a decade.

Saturday, December 11, 2010


by Jack Grabon - IAC New York

Think about how many times you have had things happen to you that seemed like coincidences. If you have ever considered the odds of those chance encounters or unlikely sequences of events occurring as they did, then it probably boggled your mind. Perhaps it even led you to wonder what forces might be at play to produce them. Carl Jung referred to such meaningfully related events as synchronicities. Although they can seem almost magical, there are indeed rational explanations behind them. I will use a simple example from my own life to illustrate.

One evening, I was spending time with a friend and the topic of spirituality came up. The conversation eventually turned to past lives. My friend told me that she had read a well-known book on the subject but could not recall its title. As she briefly summarized it, I realized that I had read the same book. Ironically enough, I could not immediately remember its title until later that evening. The following morning, I left my apartment to take care of something, via the usual route. As I walked by a popular coffee shop, a small plastic crate near the front door caught my attention. Inside were a few books. This peculiarity piqued my curiosity, as I love books. While there were only three books in the crate, the frontmost book was the very book that my friend and I were discussing the night prior! I proceeded into the coffee shop to inquire if they were selling these books, but learned that they were not and had no idea who had left them there.

In the occurrence above, my friend and I had both been drawn to that particular past life book due to our affinity with the subject. However, non-physical spirit guides may have also lent a hand. Such entities do not inhabit physical bodies and naturally have more lucidity than the living. Drawing on the example above, let us suppose that my friend and I had known each other in a past life, did not know this, and needed to find out in order to work through some past issues. Knowing all of this, non-physical guides could have inspired the person who left the books to do so at that particular time and place, or subtly encouraged my friend to mention the book when she did. Unless they were particularly perceptive, both parties would have likely interpreted the inspiration or encouragement as their own thoughts and feelings when in fact they came from without.

Consider that synchronicities are like mirrors. They can reveal much about us by whom or what we attract into our lives. The best known ways to increase their frequency is by recording them as they occur, ongoing self-improvement, living our purpose, and effective energetic self-defense and perceptivity. This allows us to maintain resonance with more positive people, places, and things in both physical and non-physical dimensions.

Jack Grabon is a volunteer at IAC New York.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Interview with Author Malu Balona

An interview with Malu Balona, author of Foreigner's Syndrome & Self-Healing through Reconciliation, on a program on TV Complexis.

This interview is in Portuguese, with English Subtitles.

These books are currently available in Portuguese and Spanish and are in process of translation to English.