Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ambivalent Phenomena of Projectiology

Nanci Trivellato & Wagner Alegretti

There are many types of phenomena and paranormal activities, but some of them, like regression and clairvoyance, for example, are subjective phenomena. Thus, they cannot be seen and occur inside of the person’s own microuniverse. We have previously analyzed these intimate phenomena of the consciousness, so we will concentrate on the objective, or ambivalent phenomena, which can be seen or proven. We can cite several of them. For example:

Materialization: This is a well known phenomenon in which a paranormal performs the materialization of objects which were before “non-existent,” and turns them totally visible. There are various registered cases studied on the topic of materialization. Some of the names that are better known in this field are: Rudy Schneider and Madam d’Esperance. To realize a phenomenon such as this one, the psychic should have control over a type of bioenergy called ectoplasm.

Telekinesis: Telekinesis is a phenomenon in which the person is able to move objects and transform the structure of physical things without touching them, in other words, using only the strength of its bioenergies. Diverse laboratory experiments, primarily in Russia, have been performed in order to verify this phenomenon which is today accepted. One of the best known psychics in the field of telekinesis is Uri Gueler, seen often on television, bending spoons, moving the hands on a watch, etc. Nevertheless, there have been many others who perform telekinesis which have been studied with results greater than those of Uri Gueler.

Bilocation: This is the phenomenon in which a person can occupy two places at the same time. Some individuals who performed bilocations in ancient times were considered to be saints, as if they had performed a miracle. This phenomenon occurs because the extraphysical body exits the physical body and in a certain place, turns itself dense and materializes, and is able to be seen by others, for example: Padre Pio and the Master of the Krya Yoga Babaji.

Parateleportation: This phenomenon is very curious. It occurs when a person dematerializes in a certain place and materializes in another. A paranormal who was very competent lived in San Pablo, Brazil, called Carmine Mirabelli, performed a teleportation as an investigative experiment. A group of students asked him to sit in an armchair and they tied him to the chair. He was told to transport from one room to the other. After a certain time, they opened the door to the room and Mirabelli had disappeared. All of them started to look all over the house for him. He was found in the basement, tied to the chair in the same way they had left him. So, there was a translocation of the person (and the armchair) from one environment to the other. There have been many cases registered of persons who have ended up in another place in a matter of seconds, with no idea on how they got there. Nevertheless, this is a rare phenomenon.

Poltergeist: A very talked about condition, poltergeist is a phenomenon in which physical events occur in a strange manner, generally related with a person, family, or house. There are poltergeists in which the objects are thrown in the air and fall on the house, in other cases objects spontaneously combust, and there are also situations in which objects fly through the house until they fall into something. This phenomenon is generated by extraphysical consciousnesses, or disencarnated beings, which use ectoplasm from physical consciousnesses to generate the physical effects.

Suspended animation: This phenomenon was very developed in India until the decade of the 1950’s. The individual would enter into a type of trance or hibernation with the purpose of being buried alive. Authorities and reporters came to observe the event. The Hindu was left buried, as if he were a corpse, up to a month, when others would come and take him out of the ground and he would resume normal activities. This phenomenon was prohibited because in various cases persons died during the period in which they were buried. Nevertheless, many succeeded and were registered and studied at length. Some scientists think that it may be possible to apply this method to long space travel in the future.

Psychic surgery: There have been many investigations done on this type of surgery. Have you heard of this? In this phenomenon, a surgery is performed without a scalpel or anesthesia, but it is a real surgery, where the person is opened; the surgeon takes out, with his own hands, the problem the person has, and later the tissue is repaired. This is all done without pain or loss of blood. The best examples are Tony Agpaua, from the Philippines, and Jose Arigó, from Brazil. There are many cases in history of miracle cures, even in the Bible. In truth, these are cases of paranormal cures, well-studied, which can now be understood in a scientific manner, not a mystic one.

Ectoplasm: It is the dense energy almost material, utilized to realize the great majority of phenomena with physical effects, in other words, phenomena which generate reactions in the physical matter. Persons with a great deal of ectoplasm and with control to generate at will these effects are very rare. In general, persons which have a great deal of ectoplasm have no knowledge of this, and many times suffer small happenings which are unexplainable in their lives, such as random noises, things that break without reason, objects which fall without anyone touching them, and others.

These are some of the better known objective phenomena. It is wise to know the manifestations of the consciousness, since this is part of our evolution.

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