Friday, December 30, 2011

Extraphysical helpers

Nanci Trivellato

Have you ever felt an invisible presence or a force that seemed to help you in certain moments of your life?

This concept of a guardian angel or a spiritual guide is accepted in many cultures. From the indigenous people to the New Age studies, there is a belief and a growing interest in knowing more about these more evolved beings, and in having a closer connection with them. Nevertheless, this is not merely a belief, but a reality possible to be verified by oneself, without any type of credo, brainwashing, dogma, submission, hypnosis, or anything of the sort.

In more recent and advanced investigations of the consciousness, scholars have explored the possibility of the contact of consciousnesses who are not of a physical nature. The sciences of Projectiology and Conscientiology study these possibilities that until recently had been described merely as mystic or religious. Our proposed area of study at the IAC is to learn more about ourselves, beyond this physical life. What happens to us after our death? We study this topic and the capacity of knowing this more subtle reality through conscious projections. In other words, if we leave the physical body, we will have an out-of-body experience (also known as astral projection) which will give us insights on the reality of life after death, and most important, we will have the opportunity of meeting with our “spiritual guides.”

In the field of Projectiology, we study the lucid consciousnesses who help us, and they are known as “helpers.” Helpers are beings like us, with an appearance similar to ours. The difference is that they are in a state of lucidity greater than ours and have the task of giving us energetic and thosenic support.

Nevertheless, these consciousnesses are not angels. They are lucid, subtle and positive, but like us, they are consciousnesses also in a process of evolution. This notion of thinking on helpers as if they were angels with wings is truthfully an archetype created by mystic and religious beliefs.

There are helpers with different levels of evolution and different specialties. In fact, there are different levels of hierarchies for helpers.

Persons who have a more complex life task, who are in a position or have a work which requires a greater responsibility over others and that have the task of assistance and clarification, will probably have more helpers or a strong connection with certain helpers.

It is important to stress that the extraphysical helpers are individuals who will be reborn here on this physical plane, just like us. They are not perfect, but they do have a level of lucidity and equilibrium generally more advanced than ours. There is no need for sacredness. It is also important to stress that if we had the capacity to remain lucid outside the physical body, we would also be able to meet with our helper, speak with him, ask questions, etc. Moreover, we can have direct contact with them, depending solely on our ability, control, and evolutionary level.

Unfortunately, the great majority of persons do not perceive their helpers and the energies emitted by them. Many are so involved in daily life and its problems that they connect much more with the ill consciousnesses and unstable energies which surround them, than with the energies or inspirations of their helpers which are more impartial and rational.

Thus, how is your level of perception of your helpers and your contact with them? Would you like to feel and contact your helper? Make this objective a goal for yourself when you are out of your body, during sleep. Do not forget that you can increase and develop your parapsychic abilities. There are studies done on this. These are not only things select gifted people or psychics are able to do, as it was believed until recently. Extrasensory perceptions and out-of-body experiences (astral projection or astral travel) are normal, natural phenomena which one is able to learn, develop, and use in our daily life to expand the equilibrium and evolutionary level.

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