Sunday, February 5, 2012

Waking Physical Immobility


The objective is to increase psychomotor control using a technique that consists on sitting down immobile and comfortably in an armchair during three uninterrupted hours staring at any point in a white, plain and uniform area (wall or material). During this time, you must avoid any physical movement except from the natural breath, avoiding to cough, to swallow, to blink, to scratch, etc.

The technique contributes to holosomatic self-control and to the development of consciential attributes such as mental focus.

Self-research requires a deeper observation that can be hindered by the interference of physical sensations. In our daily life we do not perceive the supremacy of physical sensations over our consciousness.


It is important to seat comfortably in the armchair, using pillows, if necessary, in order to avoid inconvenient muscular tensions.

Try to wear comfortable clothes suitable to the ambient temperature. Avoid covering yourself with blankets or linen to prevent additional stimuli to the immobile soma.

Use an alarm-clock and place it out of sight so that you do not get distracted with the time.

During the technique, as long as you remain motionless, you can ponder about personal matters, mobilize consciential energies and explore paraperceptions.

Even if you are unable to remain motionless during the whole three hours, we recommend you to take advantage of the propitious energetic field by continuing the exercise.

Benefits of WPI technique.

  • Promotes a clearer perception of the chain of thoughts, sentiments and energies (thosenes).
  • Favours the volitive control of physical and consciential attributes.
  • Enables a greater control over one-self, anxiety, mental focus, the cerebellum, the physical body (soma) and volitive action with the subtler vehicles (holochakra, psichosoma and mentalsoma).
  • Facilitates lucid projections; the conscious control of the soma leads to an access to the psichosoma, to a discoincience from the soma and to a projection.
  • Increases self-awareness, favouring a deeper understanding of one-self. Is an excellent technique for self-confrontation.
  • Psicomotor control; the physical body commanded by the mind.
  • The WPI is specially indicated for the youth who normally have more difficulty in controlling the soma and maintaining mental focus.

Paraperceptions during the technique:

Among the paraperceptions that this technique can provide are: discoincidences, continuous energetic showers, exteriorization of energies, vibrational states provoqued by the helpers, perceptions of extraphysical consciousnesses, perception of one-self as a consciousness and not only as a intraphysical consciousness, to experience the power of the Tho from the thosene, retrocognitions, panoramic vision of one-self existence, etc.

Laboratory of WPI (Campus)

IAC Campus has already its first research laboratory of available for anyone willing to immerse in self-knowledge.

As we explained in the previous issue, the research laboratories are independent buildings with optimized resourses for the for area of study for which it is dedicated to.

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