Saturday, March 10, 2012

Consciential Manifestations

by Luis Minero

Our manifestations are powers of our consciousness, since through them we express ourselves and are able to be in contact with more developed or limited energies or ideas. Every time we act at any level, we emit energies. According to Conscientiology, we can didactically classify our manifestations or consciential powers in five ways:

  • Thought. Our thoughts act silently in according to us, whether they are positive, such as thoughts of improvement; or negative, such as thoughts on vengeance. Our thoughts act in a multidimensional way, reaching planes of existence which we do not visually perceive.
  • The second type of consciential manifestation or power is the word. Words can be expressed in a spoken manner or written manner, be it through discourse, prayer, books, anthems, and others.
  • The third type of consciential manifestation is action. This is any physical gesture or action that we make with our energies in every direction such as: moving our hand, dancing, walking, embracing, eating, and others.
  • In fourth place we have objects. These are objects that through ideologies or cultures they receive certain material powers, for example: the king’s scepter, the Olympic medal, the altar and all of its objects, the physical body of a model, a pyramid, etc. These objects are also a way for the consciousness to manifest itself.
  • Finally, we have the locale. This is the place where our manifestations are less disturbed and flow with more ease, such as the courtroom for a judge, the stage for the actor, the army quarters for the military leader, the football field for the player. These locales are the products of ideas manifested by the consciousnesses.

All of us express ourselves through all of these forms of manifestation, but with more or less degrees of emphasis on each one. In certain occasions we manifest ourselves in an ethical manner and in others in a less ethical manner, sometimes even being abusive or even aggressive.

All professional and average persons exercise their manifestations influencing society and in what is politically correct: the lawyer, the governor, the athlete, the doctor, the professor, the housewife, etc.

We must try to become aware about our influence in society, and we must begin to take responsibility over this. All of us have a task in our lives which we must complete; in other words, our manifestations should influence this society in a specific manner. We must begin to investigate our manifestations, and if these manifestations are lucid, assistential for the majority of society, or if these manifestations up to now have served to disturb, or become an obstacle to the manifestations of others, or an imposition of our manifestations upon others.

Studying our manifestations is something serious because it determines at the end of our lives, upon passing through physical death, whether we will be euphoric or melancholic, happy or sad with the results of our physical life.

We can begin to study our manifestations by asking ourselves, what are our priorities? What are we searching for, what do we consider important and what to we work towards? Some do not set many goals or objectives for themselves, others have priorities which are not the best, and only a few work towards more assistential objectives. The law of the jungle, or the survival of the fittest, is not an ethically good idea, or one in which we should base our priorities and manifestations.

We all come to this life to learn. We all have things to do, and this should be our priority. Our question now could be more complete: Are we currently manifesting with the objective to learn what we are here to learn, and do what we are here to do?

The out-of-body experiences, or astral projections, give us a vision, a point of view completely different that makes us prioritize certain more advanced activities.

We have a lot of potential for development, but because of our priorities, many times we do not develop these potentials and our manifestations become limited. One of the most important abilities that is limited by cultural ideas is the ability to project outside the body. This is one of the most natural potentials which we posses and that we are able to develop. The benefits of this ability can be compared to the benefits received from a person who is able to read. We can compare the life of someone like us who is literate to the life of someone else who is illiterate, and their capacity for learning is very limited and their total manifestation is likewise limited. The difference between a person who is able to project and a person who is not able to project is analogous to this example. Nevertheless, our priorities are affected by the conditioning we receive from our culture, the limitations we place on ourselves, and the repression that this cultural conditioning imposes on us.

The old saying that we all have heard: “Do not put off until tomorrow what you can accomplish today,” is still valid, but unfortunately, it has not been learned by the majority. The moment of change has not passed nor is it in the future. It is today; now. We must take control of our decisions and priorities in the present.


  1. Interesting to read this...I have heard this term but I thought it only referred to writings. Now that the different areas of this term have been defined it creates some interesting ideas pertaining to consciousness, personality and locale. To consider places of destination and residence as reflections of the consciousness and to take this into consideration for choices of destination add a new dimension for me. Thanks.

  2. The IAC seems to put too much emphasis on astral projection. Its not that big of a deal.
    Others say lucid dreaming is a great talent to have. You can realize your divinity without doing either.

    1. From the IAC curriculum, one can see that while dozens of phenomena are studied (e.g. new book launched tomorrow on clairvoyance), the IAC does place special emphasis on mastery of energies and out-of-body experience as tools that accelerate maturity, ethics, wellness and self-awareness.

      Most who have had OBEs seem to agree that it is, indeed, a significant phenomenon. It is more than a skill or variety of experience, representing an intermediary state of manifestation between those with a physical body and those without one; a way to access multidimensional reality and its transformative insights. Projectors tend to overcome fear of death, lead more meaningful, altruistic, universalistic lives and other positive changes that come with seeing beyond the materialistic paradigm.

      Lucid dreams, while an interesting altered state and even a technique that can be related to and used to achieve out-of-body experiences, are still imaginary, oneiric experiences. The OBE or projection of the consciousness is a real experience in a more subtle dimension. This can be verified by joint OBE's with multiple, simultaneous projectors; obtaining accurate information from diseased individuals; accurate observations of remote locations and so on.

      The OBE also allows us to collaborate directly with and learn from more spiritually evolved beings. We can recognize that the projection of the consciousness or any sort of parapsychism or any skill or intelligence by itself does not make someone more evolved: history is riddled with very capable personalities who used their skills for power, for example, lacking in altruism, fraternity, universalism, and even common ethics, let alone cosmic ethics. We can see, however, when we study these more advanced personalities that projections, energy mastery, psychical perception are all part of the inevitable evolution of the consciousness.

      Read more about the benefits of OBEs here:

      We invite you to have your own, lucid, advanced OBE's and see for yourself why and how they can be so paradigm-shifting and rewarding.

      Regards from IAC