Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ostracism Syndrome - Video

Maximiliano Haymann spoke about the cycle of power and and the Ostracism Syndrome, title of his recent book (Síndrome do Ostracismo: Mecanismos e Auto-superação, Editares, 2011), with interviewer Ton Martins in the show "Science and Consciousness" on TV Complexis (in Portuguese, with English sub-titles). The Ostracism Syndrome is a set of signs and symptoms characteristic of the consciential condition of unbalanced reaction to the rejection or loss of some sort of human power.

(English Subtitled video in Portuguese)

Heymann re-defines the syndrome as the abstinence of power or ex-celebrity syndrome -- a phenomenon that can be frequently identified in contemporary culture, based on fame, power, and status. Whether in the same life or from a past life, the individual stripped from his or her power, may feel political death, social exclusion, economic misfortune, artistic invisibility, or scientific loss of prestigue. This internal pathological condition leads to a difficulty to adapt to and thrive in its new condition and to develop healthy relationships with others.

Síndrome do Ostracismo is an excellent reference for those who have the requisite will to turn the complex exercise of power - an inevitable part of daily life and evolution -- into something more cosmoethical, universalistic, and maxifraternal. By facing power as something cyclical, that is acquired, exerted, rescinded, and distanced one can deal with the "ostracism" that follows in a healthy fashion. The work is written in a scholarly, didactic, and encyclopedic style, including techniques, case studies, therapeutic and prophylatic techniques and is based on the consciential paradigm, going beyond the study of ostracism itself and into its paragenetic causes and prevention.

The book is available in Portuguese, with a prefare by Dr. Waldo Vieira, progenitor of the sciences projectiology and conscientiology.

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