Sunday, April 15, 2012

Encounter with persons who have passed away

- by Nanci Trivellato

Continuing our proposal to explore the benefits of astral projections (astral travel), we will discuss the possibility of out-of-body encounters with persons who have already passed through death.

The out-of-body experience (astral projection) is not a dream, not even a lucid dream. It is a real experience. During the OBE, the individual is conscious outside his/her physical body. In other words, the person maintains all his/her intellectual capacities. For example, one could make decisions, analyze, make use of critical thinking, use his/her memory, participate in events, gain knowledge, choose where to go, acquire experience, help others, and others.

There are many different types of experiences, which present different possibilities for learning. With total lucidity outside the body, the person will have the possibility of understanding what exists beyond the physical dimension. In truth, more than merely understanding, the person will also have the condition to act in this other plane of existence.

Among the possibilities one has outside the body, one of them is making contact with other consciousnesses. When one is projected, he/she can have an encounter with another “living” person, also outside the body, projected during sleep. At other times, one can also find persons who no longer have their physical body, persons who have already passed through the biological death. This type of encounter is a natural occurrence and is very common. In the same way that we may go to another country to visit a friend or relative, we can also travel to another dimension, outside the physical body, and encounter a loved one of ours whom has passed away.

This type of experience is an important tool that can many times help the person understand this temporary separation, which is in reality what the physical death represents. We will also overcome, naturally and inevitably, the fear of death: the basic root of all other fears.

The biological death is only a journey from one dimension to another. For example, in the same manner a person in this physical life moves from one country to another, all of us move between dimensions, be it for a short time, through conscious (astral) projections, or for a long time, through death.

All of us know that we will discard the physical body, thus pass through the biological death (inevitable situation). When we have a lucid astral projection, we have the conditions needed to encounter others who live in those other planes. Nevertheless, it is very important to stress that this type of encounter will be of a positive nature to both if there is emotional balance between the two.

Personal experience is very important. One can leave the body by him/herself and survey what the other dimension has, interact with others who live there, inquire about life in that dimension, and even relieve the tensions over the separation generated by the physical death.

It is important that one properly understand the dying process so that one may continue its life here with maturity and equilibrium when there is a separation of this type. The insane preoccupation with those who have died and are living in another dimension can cause problems on both sides. Thus, if we succeed in knowing, through our own experiences outside the body, that there is life after death, we are able to relax and continue our tasks here in a better state; until the next meeting, in another dimension, in another life, in another moment.

This knowledge and understanding helps us a lot in managing our life. The conscious projection (astral projection or astral travel) is a powerful tool in this sense, since it allows us to find out answers on our own, without limits, taboos, repressions, brain-washing, and, most importantly, without dependencies. It is, truthfully, a process which expands the lucidity.

This article is from the IAC website - Introductory Articles section

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