Monday, April 2, 2012


- by Wagner Alegretti

We are living in a historic time. On the month of October 1995, we heard that astronomers and other scientists discovered the first planets outside of our solar system. We have already discovered that the earth is not flat and that we are not the center of the universe. But now, for the first time in history, we are forced to admit we are not the only planet in the cosmos.

You can imagine all the agitation these discoveries have caused in the scientific fields. The hope of life on other planets existing results more possible. However, we are far from discovering, according to the parameters of science, objective proof and evidence of life outside of our native planet. But this is only a question of time.

Nevertheless, many experiences outside of the body, also known as astral travel, astral projection, or projection of the consciousness, have taken various individuals outside the planet Earth, through the empty space between the other planets, whether they be inhabited or not. There are many accounts of experiences such as these that, in Projectiology, we call exoprojections.

One of the most reliable experiments done with exoprojections was conducted by the American investigator Janet Lee Mitchell and with the conscious projector, also American, Ingo Swann, in the decade of the 70’s. In this case, Ingo had the objective to see, with remote vision, the planet Mercury. Various experiments were performed, resulting in various reports, recordings, and drawings, which were later confirmed through the use of special equipment sent to Mercury by NASA.

This is all possible because the consciousness – or spirit, soul, essence – does not have the limits of space or time that our dense body suffers. Beyond the dense body we do not feel pain or weight, we do not need to breathe, and we do not even suffer any harm from radioactivity, heat, cold, or other physical influences.

Imagine the possibilities in exploring the universe, the oceans, the depths of the earth, caverns, frozen areas, etc. by means of out-of-body experiences. It is obvious that in this case it is not possible to bring objects back or to perform scientific measurements. But explorations through conscious projections could precede, adjust, and motivate spatial explorations, increasing the possibilities of success and decreasing the chances of surprises.
We now know that the majority of astronauts have changed their outlook on life and the universe. One of them, Edgar Mitchell, founded the institution known as the Institute of Noetic Sciences, in order to study the capacities of the mind, with models similar to those of the organizations that study Conscientiology. In fact, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a group from that institution was welcomed by IIPC in order for them to receive courses.

A very important point to think about and expand our way of looking at evolution is the following: If we are able to leave the body and travel to other planets, could beings from other planets produce conscious projections such as ours and visit the Earth?

We have observed that many persons have relayed information regarding cases of this type. Sadly, a lot of them are afraid, others create fantasies and mysticism; in fact, religious sects have been established on account of these extraterrestrial beings. But some individuals, more balanced and lucid, can maintain a contact that is more intelligent and are able to communicate in a certain way. An experience such as this expands the sense of personal universalism. It is more than just overcoming prejudices based on sex, religion, nationality, race, etc. The projector begins to consider him/herself a citizen of the cosmos and nothing less than this. This expands the mentality of the person, makes the consciousness more mature, and little by little in the future, the evolution of the whole human culture will come about.

During the astral projections (astral travel), the individual should try to think big, on a large scale, avoiding being conditioned by daily attitudes. Because of this, it is important to keep your mind open, flexible, capable of adaptations and developments, inside or outside the body. I know people – in fact, some are friends of mine – that when they leave their body they do not take advantage of their potential. They limit themselves to visiting a friend’s house or flying above the city.

It is important to restate that everyone is capable of developing the natural potential ability of leaving the body. Forget brain washings, such as the statements that leaving the body is dangerous or that only saints or teachers in the Himalayas can partake in projections of the consciousness. You already leave your body every night and float above your body during the sleep period, without any lucidity of what is going on. In this manner, we all lose a third of our lives. A period which can be taken advantage of for leaving the body and being useful outside this dimension.

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