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Personal Account by Tony Musskopf

This article was originally published in Journal of Conscientiology, Volume 7 (2004 - 2005) Issue 26 October.

Remembrances of the Intermissive Course through the Expansion

Sunday, February 3, 2002. I was participating in a conscientiotherapy session in the former Nucleus of Integral Assistance to the Consciousness (presently the OIC – International Organization of Conscientiotherapy) in Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro , Brazil . As customary, the meeting lasted from 8:00 – 9:00 a.m.

I was in a reclined position. From the beginning of the session, I felt physically and emotionally tense and a little weak. Then, one of the conscientiotherapists directed me to do a mobilization of energies in order to better take advantage of the extraphysical field in my quest for answers to personal issues.

I further reclined the chair and closed my eyes. My heartbeat was accelerated and the pulsation of my cardiochakra seemed to reverberate throughout the holochakra. I initiated a closed circuit of energies in an attempt to calm my emotions and find answers to my inquiries. I was listening to the conscientiotherapist's instructions and at the same time trying to intimately perceive my consciousness.

The mobilization of energies exercise emphasized the expansion of the coronochakra. Some interconnected ideas emerged that began to explain my intraconsciential behaviors and mechanisms.

Immediately afterwards I felt, for the first time, the apparent presence of a helper on my left side. The pattern of energy irradiated by the extraphysical consciousness was very hospitable. I felt a strong bond of friendship and companionship between us, greater than intraphysical affective bonds. It might sound strange, but I was embarrassed when I realized that that extraphysical consciousness had almost always been there at my side and that for most of the time I had not been aware of her behavior, potential, lucidity and principally her affinity with me. In that instant, I understood the condition of a helper who is a “flashlight for the blind.” In this case, I was the blind one who, even though was holding a flashlight to illuminate the environment, was incapable of discerning the assistantial opportunities that the lucid, benefactor extraphysical consciousness was providing me.

Gradually, my heartbeat started to slow and I calmed down. I started to expand my energosoma 1 and to loosen my psychosoma, and noticed that the discoincidence was being produced intensely through the expansion of the para-head.

From that moment on, my mind was clear, the psychosoma serene, energies were expanded and my physical body was relaxed. I felt my pure consciousness without the usual interferences produced by the holosoma. I noticed the predominant performance of the mentalsoma.

I perceived myself as if I were a kind of ball of energy within a more sophisticated and dynamic pattern than that of the slow vibrations of the energosoma and of the psychosoma. I did not feel my hands, feet, trunk, my face nor any humanoid form, simply the indescribable sensation of my own essence. “That was in fact, me!”

I, a sphere of live energy, grew continually, crossing the dimensions of the cranial cavity of the resting soma, of the room, the building, then the entire neighborhood.

This expansion of the mentalsoma produced an amplification of my multidimensional lucidity, activated a very sharp memory and a capacity to raciocinate clearly, and awakened other consciential attributes impossible to register in mere words, within a profound, unshakeable and self-contagious well-being. I felt myself immersed in a pleasant and indescribable immensity. At the age of 23, it was the first time in this life that I experienced an expansion of my consciousness of such magnitude.

I continued to follow the conscientiotherapist's instructions, and perceived the distinct action of the helper and then of the entire extraphysical team who was present. Simultaneously, I felt the looseness of the mentalsoma in a state of double consciousness (or was it triple, quadruple, multiple...?).

I focused my attention on the recollection of my recent intermissive course, which I planned to realize in this present human life, and on the aspects of my consciousness that I need to confront.

At that moment, I visualized an advanced extraphysical colony with a clear, warm and very familiar atmosphere. There were extraphysical consciousnesses dressed in white, a group of young students with the para-appearance of men and women. They were underneath a slightly undulating terrain covered by a green lawn that formed a clearing surrounded by frondescent trees. There were no dry leaves on the ground. At a distance, I managed to see a building of ornamented architecture whose top floors rose above the tops of the trees and contrasted with the blue sky.

I was able to notice that some of the extraphysical consciousnesses had their mentalsomas expanded as if they were colorful and evanescent auras which surrounded their para-heads. I understood instantly that they were in an intense process of introspection. They were not walking nor were they making any rough physical movements, but merely gently gliding over the lawn through extraphysical flight.

Some of these young people were handling books. I felt a strong affinity for those intellectual works. I visualized myself with some antique bound books of various shapes and colors.

Intuitively, I knew that consciential dimension was related to my recent intermissive course, my present existential program and existential inversion. I was connected to that environment and to those extraphysical consciousnesses through friendship and group evolutionary bonds. Instantly, I understood the necessity of attaining the condition of consciential epicentrism by recuperating cons and executing existential inversion. It was very clear that I needed to assume the orientation of my self-evolution in order to honor my extraphysical precedence, as I have responsibilities to carry out.

I did not feel immersed in that extraphysical environment, but merely observed the distinct scenes as they transpired before me. That is why I think that the experience in question was a retrocognition of my last intermissive course, which was potentialized by the partial looseness of the mentalsoma (expansion of the mnemosoma).

Throughout this experience I intimately understood that what was most important for me was to complete my existential program by searching for its directives in a mature and constant self-confrontation.

As of this self-experiment, the intraphysical dimension's problems, dramas, impediments and all its disturbances became insignificant.

After a while, the conscientiotherapist instructed me to align the holosoma. I sustained the discoincidence or non-alignment for a few more instants in order to retain the information in my memory and be able to gradually transport it to the human brain with the greatest lucidity possible.

After returning to the waking state, I immediately recorded the experience while still feeling a strong discoincidence of the para-head and the effects of the intense pattern of energies.

Minutes later, in a more aligned state, it was possible to perceive the excessive consciential restriction imposed by the soma and holochakra. When we are in the physical body, we perceive a miniaturized caricature of ourselves. Through an expanded mentalsoma we function with our consciousness in its “real size”; we understand the complexity of our intraconsciential universe, the power of our will and the amplitude that our lucidity and consciential attributes can reach.

The quantity of consciential energy mobilized during this phenomenon was impressive. I remained in a state of unshakeable well-being and profound intimate reflection for several days after the experience; I was in an energetic springtime.

With the accumulation of other facts, re-analyses, self-research and the experience of other parapsychic phenomena which took place over the course of almost two years after this experience, I was able to extract some important hypotheses, observations and considerations:

1. The possible causes which unleashed the phenomenon of partial expansion of the mentalsoma were: the sincere and renunciatory will to confront myself, the influence of the multidimensional, conscientiotherapeutic field, the direct action of the helper and extraphysical team and the affinity with the two conscientiotherapists present in that session, all relating to the intermissive course.

2. This experience still vividly remains today in my memory and is capable of producing showers of energy and psychic signals when I evoke the scenes and ideas related to it.

3. The activities which I was already precociously carrying out even after this experience confirm my affinity with the intellectual process and with the redaction of works with a clarifying function.

4. The parapsychic phenomenon functions as a type of means of communication that transmits consciential contents from one dimension to another or from one vehicle to another. What matters is that the consciousness will deal with the contents of the phenomenon and not simply glorify the phenomenon for its own sake.

5. Without a doubt, we express our consciential essence more when we manifest through the mentalsoma. It is in this direction that all consciousnesses are headed, each one in its own evolutionary rhythm and efforts. The apex of evolution is when cosmoconsciousness ceases to be a phenomenon and becomes a permanent consciential state .

6. The recall of small fragments of the intermissive course can function as a powerful consciential compass in order to orient the intraphysical consciousness in her human life en route to existential completism. This fact becomes even more serious to young people who opt for the practice of the technique of existential inversion.

7. The best strategy for overcoming a mega weak trait is the execution of the existential program sustained by the mega strong trait of the consciousness.

8. There are still all types of needs on this planet because waste of energy, ideas, opportunities and talents abounds. The worst situation is when the consciousness wastes the best he/she has: his/her mega strong trait. For example, there is the consciousness who wastes advanced ideas, evolutionary talents and opportunities to give assistance to others by simply not publishing their self-research findings.

9. To those who consider that their intermissive course establishes a relation to writing and publishing leading-edge relative truths , here is a suggestion: it is worth it to thoroughly study the existent relationship between intellectual intelligences (advanced cognition), parapsychism (multidimensional experience) and communication (assistantial altruism) and the execution of the existential program.

Tony Musskopf

1 Note from the editor: energetic body, more commonly referred to as holochakra.

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