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Online course - Projectiophobia: Overcoming the fear of the non-physical world

Overcoming projectiophobia is a goal that all of us can achieve!
Projectiophobia refers to the fear of having out-of-body experiences or perceiving non-physical beings or subtle dimensions. It is one of the most common factors that hinder parapsychic development, and in turn slows down spiritual evolution.
Many people block their paranormal senses, either consciously or unconsciously for various reasons. This process can be due to past life traumas or even to traumas and fears related to this life.
Sometimes people consciously repress their paranormal senses as they may have experienced specific types of paranormal phenomena that they simply can’t make sense of. On the other hand, many people are scared of such perceptions but don’t really know why. All they know is that they feel a sense of uneasiness, even danger. This situation is usually the result of misconceptions and disinformation.
Regardless of the cause of such phobias and psychic suppression, the person ends-up creating an unconscious “defence” strategy aimed at avoiding anything that he/she believes could be dangerous or harmful, even though those fears are usually unsubstantiated.
This mechanism often produces personal insecurities that can spread into other areas of one’s life, generating a vicious cycle. Clarification is necessary in order to assist in overcoming such personal blockages, allowing the individual to build, develop or recover his/her self-confidence and psychic awareness. 
This course will contextualize projectiophobia, bringing to light the historical basis and emotional processes involved, and empowering the person to dismantle it. It allows participants to replace fear with knowledge.
The course provides participants with an opportunity to talk openly about their concerns and fears, receiving knowledgeable, senseful information in return. It is highly recommended for anyone who is ready to gain control over their fears and take the next step in their personal evolution.

Main Topics

Besides clarifying widespread misconceptions and discussing any apprehensions that one may have, the course will also cover aspects such as:

  • Practical tips, techniques and exercises to deal with projectiophobia.
  • Related phobias, such as tanatophobia (the fear of death) and neophobia (the fear of the unknown).

  • Information and tools to identify the internal processes that have given rise to projectiophobia, leading participants to control and overcome it.

  • Clarification on how conquering projectiophobia will instill in us the motivation and strength to face other challenges in our lives, challenges that require of us an equally firm and bold attitude.

Online Course Dates
**this course has 5 hours duration and will be offered in 2 days** 
July 7th - 7PM to 9:30PM
July 8th - 7PM to 9:30PM

Online Registration
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Please register at least one day in advance by contacting and we will send you the link and the code to participate on this course.

IAC Instructor

Analaura Trivellato
Analaura Trivellato has a background in Psychology and Languages with degrees in both disciplines. In 1991, she started researching the ideas and theories of the multi-dimensional nature of consciousness. She began practicing control of the out-of-body experience (OOBE) and other associated psychic phenomena and in the years that followed, she led two research groups in this study.
As a natural progression, in 1999 Trivellato began lecturing and teaching on Conscientiology, a role she has been performing ever since. She has gained experience in several countries, including Finland, Portugal, the Netherlands and the UK. 

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Through Challenging Times: How Multi-Dimensional Knowledge Can Help

This article was originally published in VOICE magazine in Tokyo, Japan in 2011.

Through Challenging Times:
How Multi-Dimensional Knowledge Can Help

by Nanci Trivellato
IAC researcher

It is no secret that the world today is going through a situation of financial uncertainty. The economy is responding to a number of actions (or lack of action) performed by world leaders and businesspeople, and these political and economic problems have repercussions on our lives.

This condition brings to our mind a major characteristic of our modern times: worldwide interconnectivity. If it were not for global communication systems and the financial interdependence of the world’s nations, the economic problem of one country (or of few countries) would not have spread, as a chain reaction, to most countries on the planet as it has.

Thus, satellite technology and the Internet are partly responsible for spreading the feeling of uncertainty and anxiety we may feel in this state of economic crisis. On the positive side, these technologies are a great “blessing”. These same tools can help us become less selfish by letting us know of what goes on in the world; thus, we become more universalistic. They can also be used for building positive chain reactions throughout the planet.

What most people, however, neglect to take into consideration in this ‘feeling of crisis’ is the fact that it is aggravated, to a certain degree, by the contagion of people’s energetic auras, which reflect their physical, emotional, bioenergetic, and mental state.

This contagion occurs via the natural, inevitable exchange of bioenergies (chi, prana, subtle energy) that each of us has with other people daily. In this process of giving and gaining bioenergies (to and from other people, places and objects) our auras receive information that is naturally imprinted onto these energies. It is easy to see how our inner tensions and uncertainties can be rapidly amplified through contamination, especially from anxiety and fear of those with whom we come into contact or who are around of us. The interchange of this type of bioenergies causes a loop, or feedback cycle, which results in a worsening situation. Not surprisingly, this effect is even greater in highly populated areas.

It is important therefore that we understand about this bioenergetic contagion and know how to undertake bioenergetic cleansing and self-defense. By maintaining a balanced state we not only avoid the anxiety feedback process, but also contribute to improving the overall situation, as we do not project feelings that are unfounded or pointless. Thus, by not adding to or helping spread the adverse feelings of those around us we help break that feedback cycle.


In the rush and complexity of modern life it is all too easy to forget who we are and what purpose we are meant to serve in this life. We exist in the physical dimension for a reason. Searching for and discovering this reason for being here gives us a sense of purpose and goal-orientation to our lives, which in turn makes us happier and more self-confident.

There are very few certainties in this life. As paradoxical as it might seem, one of them is the fact that all of us will die. Death of the physical body and, therefore, of this current life is a reality that lies ahead of all of us. But this is not necessarily bad. Leaving this life can be comforting when we know and feel that we have fulfilled what we came here to do.

In other words, when we have completed what we have committed to do in this existence, we are prepared to go back to the non-physical dimension to which we belong. However, dying without completing what we have committed ourselves to do in this life is not ideal, as we will probably regret some aspects of our lives and personal failures in achieving some of our goals.

To attain that sense of peace of mind and carry it with us to our future lives (and periods between lives) is the greatest and most rewarding of accomplishments. This sense of peace comes mostly from being aware of the tasks we assumed before we were born, and being confident that we are fulfilling them as we progress through this life.

This set of tasks and commitments involves us in applying our most evolved and noble skills. These tasks were planned before we arrived on earth to facilitate the progress of our karmic account (the balance of evolutionarily positive or negative actions and omissions we have made in previous lives) and contribute to make the world a better place. 

The life task/plan that we have to accomplish in this life is also known as existential program. Our existential program is, after all, the real reason why we came to this planet’s physical plane and is what matters most in our lives.


Whether we realize it or not, our character and how we feel about ourselves and our lives permeates and reflects itself in our bioenergies (i.e., our aura or subtle energies). Usually, people do not see these energies, but they generally sense them and interact with them in a positive or negative way. This natural everyday process directly influences all aspects of our communication and the situations around us. It follows therefore that, if we improve our internal condition and develop legitimate motivation, optimism and balance, this will reflect on the image others have of us and create positive synchronicities.

Another aspect that contributes towards establishing the image that others have of us as well as generating these synchronicities is our karmic condition, as what we did in previous lives and the energetic connections we built with people and historical episodes are also imprinted in our bioenergies.  For this reason it is valuable to understand about the evolutionary process and know how to balance our bioenergies, as this can contribute tremendously in accelerating the settlement and cleansing of our karmic debts and obligations.

In this sense, studies or programs that help clarify the nature of our multi-dimensional existence by providing means for us to know by firsthand experience that we are more than just a physical body can also help us understand the basis for planning our existential program. Thereby, they can assist us to achieve a better inner state and developing our confidence on what we want to do and why.

An example of the means by which such clarification can be attained is through the knowledge and training offered in the Consciousness Development Program classes run by the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC). The in-depth examination of the link between bioenergy and personal development, as well as the discussions on bioenergy techniques and psychic sensations presented in this program can help one become more balanced, centered, vitalized, and genuinely more positive.

Such program also explains about bioenergetic intoxication and the intrusion of thoughts, sentiments and energies that some people impose upon us. When we speak here about intrusive bioenergies, we do not refer just to intrusion by living people with whom we have any kind of relationship. We also refer to non-physical people, i.e. individuals who have passed away but, for whatever reason, still gravitate towards the denser energies of the planet and may intrude on our bioenergies, perhaps in a detrimental way. This process is called consciential intrusion. Learning how to deal with these intrusions is an important step towards implementing a greater autonomy, maturity and wellbeing in our lives.

Once we learn techniques to de-intrude and cleanse our bioenergies, we become less susceptible to the effect of negative energies, thereby avoiding being adversely influenced by the anxiety or other unsound emotions of others. This knowledge has profound advantages to us as consciousnesses, as it changes our mental attitude and put us more in control of our lives. By becoming more discerning and balanced, we are also better able to cope with problems, difficult times and life crises.


Humankind has been through a lot over the ages. We need to study just a little of history to recognize the range and variety of difficult situations that the people of this planet have experienced or inflicted on one another. As human beings we may feel sad for humankind’s misfortunes, yet each of us can choose to learn from those mistakes to ensure that they are not repeated.

In our past lives, as individual consciousnesses, we have faced many greater problems than those endured so far in our current existence. We also have probably experienced much deeper sadness than we have today, and have had to put up with conditions in which we were indeed impotent to act and incapable of doing anything to change or improve our situation.

Today, the reader of this article has the freedom to read, talk and find information about what concerns him or her and is likely to enjoy freedom of movement (i.e., right and possibility to travel and move). Compared with what we have already been through in previous lives, the financial and economic situation we are experiencing today is easier to cope with and more tolerable than it would have been to us as individuals in the past. The bottom line is that, although we are still learning how best to handle the changes and challenges of today’s world, we are living in an environment that is far superior to the one we had in past lives.

Most of us who can access and understand this article are fortunate enough to be living in circumstances in which we can most likely decide how we want to spend our time, money and energies. By its very nature, choice can present responsibilities and doubts, but they hardly compare with the problems faced by people in less fortunate areas of the world where they do not have personal freedom or the chance to study themselves to try to improve their internal wisdom and emotional and bioenergetic balance, let alone receive support from their government. If people thought about and paid more attention to the state of the affairs of many of the peoples on this planet, they would probably feel ashamed of themselves for complaining about their lives.


Given our evolutionary level and awareness, as well as the pressures of day to day life, it is perhaps not surprising that inner tranquility is a rare and elusive quality. Harmony and peace of mind are treasures to be cherished.  However, a more solid and permanent sense of serenity is normally to be experienced by those of us who are certain that they are accomplishing what they committed to do as part of their existential program. Usually, we are more completely and truly “happy” (innerly fulfilled) when we know we are performing our planned role in this life.

When we are correctly on track with our existential program, we are improving our inner maturity and balance in a tangible way. There is no greater sense of accomplishment than knowing that we are achieving our evolutionary goals (and helping others to achieve theirs). This is so because by completing our planned tasks we deal with and overcome our limitations as consciousnesses. This process is one by which we are required to improve through concrete actions as opposed to wishful thinking, appearances, or empty words.

Indeed, without becoming wiser internally and thereby reaching a higher evolutionary state, we only achieve temporary satisfaction with life. This can, of course, give us some pleasure and relaxation, but deep inside we may be still unfulfilled. This is part of the reason why some people – even those apparently successful materially – still may live in deep unhappiness, building ‘castles’ on sand and, many times, resorting to addictions, shallow relationships and other artificial props or escape mechanisms.


In order to understand these issues from a greater perspective, we need to consider “human nature”. Certain natural human instincts and reactions can brought about foreseeable tendencies or patterns of behavior. For instance, human beings have a tendency towards inactivity and stagnation when conditions are stable and predictable. In such circumstances people often do less, probably as an instinctive mechanism to “save energy”.

On the other hand, situations of crisis stimulate creativity, innovation and adaptation.  Crises also encourage new relationships and initiate risk taking, giving rise to new experiences and the opening of new frontiers. Crises help to promote evolution.

Having said that, it is worth reminding ourselves that the current financial crisis, while real enough in terms of the effect it is having on the security of world economies and the wellbeing and livelihood of millions, is in some sense unfounded, as it was basically triggered by the thirst for big-easy-quick gains of some and propelled by overall fear and insecurity. Under this perspective, this is a crisis of ethics, not an economic one.

Attaining appropriate mastery of bioenergy can enable us to draw upon the inner strengths that we have all accumulated during our previous lives, therefore providing us with means to deal with our conflicts and difficulties. Combining conscious bionergetic exercise with an enlightened and lucid posture towards life can boost one’s inner growth and balance. This achieved composition of ‘sapience and serenity’ is also called consciential maturity, which is one of the most important topics in the IAC courses of study.


During difficult times there are always people who will try to exploit the fragility of others. Unfortunately, this is true even in the 'spiritual or psychic field’. For example, it goes without saying that no-one can promise to cure anything or everything. Similarly, no-one can promise to find one a job or guarantee it’s permanence (at least not via ethical means).  By the same token, no-one can promise happiness regardless of a person’s condition, nor can they guarantee to be able to see any and all aspects of a person’s life or past lives.  If it were possible to guarantee such results, many of the world’s problems and today’s financial crisis would perhaps be resolved. Realistically, one can only assist by offering the tools to facilitate each individual’s progress, according to their potential.

So, how can studies about the multidimensional reality, such as those carried out and offered by the IAC, help? What the IAC program delivers is a series of comprehensive, well-developed and substantiated classes which present to students a highly ethical and coherent body of knowledge aimed solely to help them find out who they really are (via their own extramundane experiences) and assist them to evolve more rapidly.

One major topic of discussion in all of the IAC classes is that of cosmoethics, which is a form of ethics reflecting on and extending beyond physical life, and which has a continued relevance and application even after we die.

The IAC strives to conduct research and offer training courses according to the most cosmoethical principles known. In each IAC educational center, established in several countries all over the world, there is a poster stating: “Don’t believe in anything, not even what you hear in this lecture. Investigate and have your own experiences.”

In line with this, another major aspect in endeavors such as the IAC’s is to educate people on how to master their own bioenergies and extrasensory perceptions. To accomplish this, the IAC teaches several techniques and explains in details the mechanisms of bioenergetic self-control and psychic awareness. Each student is encouraged to apply these techniques in accordance with their personal choice, capacity and will.

Everyone can benefit from learning ways to take charge of their own energetic balance, which is achievable (and should be achieved) without having to resort to dependence on a guru or healer. The personal management of one’s bioenergetic balance enables the student to influence their evolutionary course. This is IAC’s mission: to favor individual self-mastery and evolution.

If you are looking to learn about bioenergies, the non-physical or multidimensional aspect of life and about your existential program, as well as understand more about psychic phenomena, please make sure that you search to find a trustworthy, respectable school. Proper knowledge builds confidence and free-thinking, while misconceptions can generate fear and dependence.

If you would like more information on the IAC, it’s principles of work, philosophy and educational program, please contact your local IAC office or visit

Nanci Trivellato MSc. is a researcher and instructor of conscientiology and projectiology since 1992. She is currently the  Director of the Department of Research and Scientific Communication of the IAC. She has conducted conferences in 14 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia, and is the founder of the Journal of Conscientiology, a scientific periodical of which she has been the Editor-in-chief since 1998. She has conducted research in the areas of despertology, energometry, holokarmality, holochakrality, paraperceptiology and projectiology. Many of the results of these studies were presented internationally at congresses and conferences of Conscientiology and other areas of human knowledge. Trivellato was the winner of the 2010 edition of the IAC Global Award for Scientific Contribution to Conscientiology with her study on Vibrational State.