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Online Course: Maturity of Affection

Special Course: Maturity of Affectivity
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Maturity of Affection
From Self-affection to Maxi-fraternality
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With Eduardo Vicenzi from IAC Germany

   In this course and under the consciential paradigm, affectivity is studied in a deep and broad fashion. Based on our manifestations, we can indentify our own level of maturity of affection. Conditions like the health and equilibrium of the consciousness, the personal values, the quality of the interpersonal relationships and the degree of making good decisions are a reflection of our internal world of affection.

   We'll be able to do the self-diagnosis of our own affection, considering issues such as, what is behind our personal choices, decisions and values? What is the degree of autonomy of our affection? If we know what is correct, why don't we always do it? How free is our free-will? Also, the basis, the influencing factors and the foundations of our affectivity are analyzed; as well as the wrong mechanisms used to increase our self-esteem.

   Besides these topics, techniques for the development of our affectivity will be presented, allowing us a sustainable increase of our self-esteem and affective autonomy, the improvement of our interpersonal relationships, the decrease of inner conflicts, and the expansion of the capacity to help others.

   Topics to be covered:
• The bases of affectivity: the logic and nature of the affection of the consciousness, the relation self-affection/hetero-affection (the need for affection), the deficit of affection
• Problem: the effects of the personal well being and its evolutionary consequences in relation to the existential program
• Diagnosis of affectivity: characteristic effects and manifestations
• The Stockholm syndrome in the relationship of two
• Wrong mechanism commonly used for the affective recomposition
• Selective affectivity (immature) and universalistic affectivity (mature)
• Obstacles for the development of affectivity and the intervening factors
• Foundations for the construction of a mature affection
• Techniques for the development of affectivity and the expansion of the capacity of doing assistance towards others
This course has no pre-requisites; thus, everybody is invited. It will be offered in English at the IAC California in Culver City.
Explore your affection...
develop your consciousness!
Eduardo Vicenzi is brasilian, and a researcher and instructor in Concientiology since 1999. He has presented his research at the VI Consciential Health Meeting and IV Symposium on Self-Conscietiotherapy in 2010. He is currently the coordinator of the IAC Germany and speaks English, Spanish, German and Portuguese.
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Saturday, July 28
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Sunday, July 29, 11AM to 6PM
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