Sunday, July 1, 2012

Personal Account: Out-of-Body Experience exercise

- by Michael Lydon, IAC New York

Night of Saturday, Jan 21 / Morning of Sunday, Jan 22, 2012

I had been doing energy work all day, especially exercises to relax my breath and any physical tension. I entered at least one healing trance where I could feel deeper level energy shift where a profound unblocking occurred. At night, I used a modified technique from Zen meditation to slow down all my thoughts and focus on a projective target.

The original technique entails counting to 10 without having thoughts other that the numbers themselves. Each number corresponds to one inhale/exhale. So, for instance,
  • Breathe in, breathe out – “one”
  • Breathe in, breathe out – “two”
  • Etc.
However, even if you have the thought “this is great, I got to 3” for instance, you still have to start over. If you do get to 10, just start over again. The exercise is just to help still the mind.

Anyway, I modified this exercise to thinking about projecting to the mentalsomatic dimension, and repeated the phrase “I project to the mentalsomatic dimension.” And every time I said this while keeping the same in/out breath pattern while maintaining my focus, I would count up to 10. If I became distracted by a second thought, I would start over. Even in evoking the idea, I began to feel a disconnection from the habitual stream of thoughts and concerns, and a subtle upward current of energy began to occur, with my center of awareness moving towards the chakras in the head. Unfortunately, I became distracted by having to go to the bathroom, and also by a thought of needing to lock the dead bolt in the door outside.

When I returned, the same technique did not seem to work. Even the small amount of walking around seemed to stir up a bunch of thoughts, or perhaps I was just not in the same “mental space” anymore. So, I tried a different technique – another verbal repetition or mantra technique with a similar pattern.

My idea was to calm my mind and simultaneously use a projection technique. To do this I used the following:
  1. Focus on the breath, and remove any conscious or unconscious intentionality from trying to control the breath (by way of unconscious mental tensions). So, let the breath relax and happen naturally. (I noticed that my breathing became shallow, rhythmic, and continuous, as if the in and out motion were part of one continuous flow or stream).
  2. Use the following mantra: “may this body, this energosoma, this psychosoma, and this mentalsoma, be used only for assistance.”
  3. A the following intervals:                                                                   a.  In breath: May this
    b.  Out breath: body
    c.  In breath: this
    d.  Out breath: energosoma
    e.  In breath: this
    f.   Out breath: psychosoma
    g.  In breath: and this
    h.  Out breath: mentalsoma
    i.   In breath: be used only
    j.   Out breath: for assistance
    k.  (Repeat)
  4. With each use of the word “body,” “energosoma,” “psychosoma,” “mentalsoma,” and “assistance,” I tried to feel the qualities of that word, or simply, what the word evoked for me in terms of sensations, feelings, and energetic repercussions.

Whenever my breathing became tense (as if I was trying to control it), I relaxed again until it became natural, and then began the mantra again. I could feel a decent amount of energy moving internally before I fell asleep.


After going through a few dreams, I become more lucid and am all of a sudden in some “center” (an education center perhaps) that seems several stories off the ground. It feels very old (like it has been established for a long time). It is constructed of what seems to be smooth plaster (although seemingly more robust than plaster – perhaps like a smooth stucco) that was painted with warm orange and red colors. All around the area I notice that there are orchids growing. The area is decorated with stone statues that have pools of water in front of them framed with stone, and vines are growing around various parts of the complex. Orchids are placed in a decorative fashion in potholders on the floor near the walls, and also attached to the walls in some areas. I notice that I am being led around by a woman throughout the facility, and that we are preparing for some meeting. I do not say anything to her, nor does she to me. All communication is somehow just “understood.”

I wonder if this is a dream or a projection, I think to myself that if it is a dream, the environment (i.e. the layout of the background) will likely change. I walk through an open area, around a corner, and into an alcove with stone walls. My guide (a female) wants to show me something. She kneels down, focusing on an orchid on the floor in front of her for a few moments, and the orchid flower spontaneously transforms into a butterfly, which flaps its wings and flutters away. I marveled at the fact that she was able to somehow turn one form of life into another, or at least create a morphothosene (thought form) as complex as a butterfly from something as (comparatively more simple) as an orchid.

I walk back around to the main area, still following my “tour guide,” and notice that this experience has been going on now for some time. I focus on maintaining the frequency so as to keep lucid and learn whatever it is I am meant to learn there. I notice that the layout of the building seems to be intact, which tells me that the experience is probably a projection.

I decide to test how thought-responsive the environment is, and so I turn towards one of the statues with the pool of water beneath it. I extend my left hand and begin exteriorizing energy towards the water, and the water begins to churn and rise upward – it does not flow over, but rather comes up out of the pool as if being pulled by a magnetic force. Before I could do anything of substance with it, I feel a woman’s hand firmly grasp my wrist, and she emitted a nonverbal thosene which was clearly along the lines of “don’t do that.” It was not my tour guide, but another keeper of the facility. I complied, understanding that what I was doing was somehow disruptive to the environment.

I continued to wait there for the meeting that we were meant to have, and vaguely recall some people there coming together, and then (regrettably) lost lucidity and do not recall what happened after that.

I woke up and thought, if that was a dream, it would probably not produce a vibrational state. I noticed that the inner core of my body was vibrating with electricity that was running upwards within the middle channel (near the spine) towards the brain. It was indeed a subtle vibrational state, and the more I focused on it the stronger it became as I fell back to sleep. This is a likely confirmation that this was a projection. I do not recall any dreams or projections after this.


After reading Robert Bruce’s experience with projections vs. lucid dreams, I am always more questioning now as to whether my experience is a dream or a projection. In Bruce’s experience (in his book Astral Dynamics), he goes to a shopping mall, is highly disruptive to the environment, and the people are like automatons who do not respond to what he is doing. His hypothesis is that they are projections of his unconscious mind.

I do not think this environment was a projection of my unconscious mind, as it is uncharacteristic of me or my imagination to “make up” such a place.

The fact that there were:
  • Lucid tour guides
  • The demonstration of complex morphothosenic creations
  • Nonverbal communication
  • The anticipation of a meeting
  • A decent (at least 60%) lucidity with rational thought, with 80% being the level of the normal waking state
  • “Rules” of the environment
  • A subsequent vibrational state after the experience
  • All lead me to believe that this was indeed a projection.

I don’t know what happened during that meeting, or if there was any assistance performed (per my mental target), but I am still very grateful for this experience and would like to visit this environment again if possible.

With my lucidity level clearly at a lower level than that of the beings that maintained the place, I probably seemed like a drunk person, or someone who was mentally intoxicated with the energies of physical life. I imagine that this is what a lot of semilucid or unlucid projectors seem like to more aware nonphysical beings. There seems to be a direct correlation with one’s level of energetic unblocking and the experience of prolonged projections with more subtle and rarified awareness. When our energetic pattern becomes less terrestrial and more nonphysical, we’re mentally “cleaner” when we arrive in a nonphysical dimension.

This is not the first time that I have tried to alter an environment with energy and have attracted the attention of the “authorities.” In fact, this happened in one of my more recent projections as well where two females asked me to come with them after I had made a potted plant disappear. Sometimes the authorities are not so nice. In this projection a woman gently but firmly grabbed my wrist, but in another projection recall where I made a table disappear, some official of the environment stabbed me with a fork, knowing that it would make me return to the body. I can’t blame him for doing that; I was the one disrupting everyone’s paradigm.

After this projection, I resolved to stop testing environments energetically as a way to see if they are “real,” as it often seems to have a disruptive effect. My feeling is that in the future I should just focus on what I am meant to do or learn while am there, and see what comes of it.

Michael Lydon is a volunteer and a researcher at IAC New York since 2002. 


  1. A very instructive account Michael. Particularly interesting also the idea of combining the Zen-meditation counting technique (which, by the way, should be preferably done in reverse order, 100, 99, 98, … etc., in order for the process not to become too mechanical) with some projective mantra, as well as the idea of using progressively the terms: body, energosoma, psychosoma, mentalsoma, and the associated sensations they are able to evocate. This reminds me of the evocation techniques (of heaviness or lightness) in Yoga Nidra. Best, Massimiliano.

  2. Hi Massimiliano,

    Thanks for the tip about counting. BTW - if you have any free time, I have submitted my account on intraconsciential recycling to the JofC. It has changed a lot since the last time you read it. Would you be willing to take another look at it?

    Thanks for the feedback on this. I'll look into those techniques also from yoga nidra.

    Cheers, Mike