Sunday, September 30, 2012

Extraphysical Assistance

- by Nanci Trivellato

The noblest thing an individual can do is to be of service. Every kind of work is valuable, but the effort that is made when helping someone else is more permanent than the work done for something purely material. For example, if a person spends ten years of its life investing time and energies into making a work of art, when this piece falls, it will break, and nothing will be left of the work. Moreover, when the person passes through the physical death, it will not be able to take the created piece. However, if a person invests part of its time and energies to help others, this makes him friends, or consciousnesses which cannot be taken away through physical death, given that we are all immortals.

All the efforts we invest in order to mature, evolve, and help others evolve is a permanent task. Nothing or no one can take away one’s knowledge. Nor is it possible to unlearn something, return to a more primitive state, or “retroevolve.” Our true value lies in the capacity we have to manage situations, being of maximum utility.

Of all the types of assistance, the most important is clarification, which contributes towards all individuals becoming more lucid.

Assistance can also be performed extraphysically. A person can help perform an assistance outside the physical body; likewise, a person can receive assistance outside of the body. Those who have had lucid projections (out of body experiences or astral projectionsknow this and recognize the importance of their projections as tools for assistentiality.

We are aware of persons who have been cured of their illnesses during a supposed sleep period. We imagine that you, the reader, are also aware of cases like this. What occurs is that by not having enough information about projections, the interpretation these people may have is that they had a dream in which they were being treated. However, when one is conscious outside the body, one knows it is possible to aid in the treatment of another. In the same fashion, one also understands it is possible for extraphysical consciousnesses (deceased) to assist in the process of this healing.

Thus the most important point we would like to mention is the possibility of utilizing the conscious projection as a tool for performing assistance for other people. Outside the body, it is possible to help intraphysical consciousnesses (incarnate individuals) who may be sleeping, as well as extraphysical consciousnesses (deceased individuals). In other words, we are able to assist those individuals who have passed through the biological death.

Have you had an experience like this? Have you had any memory of anything real happening to you while you slept?

The individual who has control over its astral projections (astral travel) and maintains an emotional equilibrium is involved in extraphysical teams of assistance and can many times decide who will be assisted. One can perceive himself leaving the body and getting farther and farther from his bedroom until one reaches another place, or plane, where the person who is to be assisted is. In this encounter, the energies that the projector emits through its will interact with the energies of the extraphysical patient. Then, as a result of the transmission of energies, one can act positively on the other, performing therapy on the other’s holochakra and psychosoma (energetic and astral bodies). When the patient awakens, he/she brings to the physical body all of the positively charged energies which have been received in the astral dimension. Little by little, these more harmonized, more pure energies of the individual will influence the person in the physical life to the point that a better sense of physical well-being is perceived.

This is just a brief description of one of the many types of extraphysical treatments. However, all have one point in common: they can be realized with the utilization of the consciential energies (bioenergies) of the conscious projector.

The energies, which we call bioenergies (prana, chi, etc.), are the conductor channels of the information of one person to another. Telepathy, healing, hypnosis, psychical lectures, and others, are possible through the exchange of these bioenergies. When one has control over its own energies, one finds in this an important form of interacting with and relating to others.

In this fashion we are able to assist a relative, a friend, or even someone we do not know; although they may be far away, since there are no limits to our capacity for the exteriorization of our bioenergies.

An interesting point is that the majority of the times, the projector (person experiencing astral projection) who performs the assistance does not do it alone. He counts on the aid of the extraphysical helpers (or protectors), as well as his own helpers, and those of the person that is to be assisted. With this, step by step, the projector creates links with the more evolved extraphysical consciousnesses.

All of us have, through our lucidity and intentions, the potential to make these ties with the extraphysical helpers and to be more aware of the exchange of energies with them. Sometimes, without the lucidity, we may be left more vulnerable to the consciential energies of less evolved consciousnesses. All of us exchange bioenergies with each other constantly, be it willingly or subconsciously. What is the level of lucidity you have of the exchange of energies that is taking place currently? For example, are you aware that there is training for the expansion of your energies and the increase of your sensitivity to them?

Nanci Trivellato MSc. is a researcher and instructor of conscientiology and projectiology since 1992. She is currently the  Director of the Department of Research and Scientific Communication of the IAC. She has conducted conferences in 14 countries in the Americas, Europe and Asia, and is the founder of the Journal of Conscientiology, a scientific periodical of which she has been the Editor-in-chief since 1998. She has conducted research in the areas of despertology, energometry, holokarmality, holochakrality, paraperceptiology and projectiology. Many of the results of these studies were presented internationally at congresses and conferences of Conscientiology and other areas of human knowledge. Trivellato was the winner of the 2010 edition of the IAC Global Award for Scientific Contribution to Conscientiology with her study on Vibrational State. 

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  1. I like the idea that friendship is more important than art, or anything material. Also, it's a good reminder that the clarification task, as part of friendship is the most valuable thing. We must assume we have the ability to clarify however, also, specific examples of the clarification task are always welcome with this kind of material as well.

  2. Hi Nanci,
    Great article. You make a great case for assistance (service) and it's positive long-term benefits. Given the extraphysical population (much more than the physical population), we can have a much greater impact, helping to alleviate negative influence from non-physical beings (intrusion) and making this world a better place in the process.


  3. I would also like some examples of clarification task. Thank you