Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wagner Alegretti delivers landmark talk at Florida International University's Program in the Study of Spirituality on 12th anniversary of IAC

International Academy of Consciousness
November 2012

IAC Delivers Landmark Talk at FIU – Florida International University
Dear Friend,

Wagner Alegretti,
IAC President
On October 23rd, Wagner Alegretti joined a list of some of the world’s most prominent figures in the field of spirituality when he delivered a keynote lecture at Florida International University as part of their Program in the Study of Spirituality. Approximately 130 academics, staff, students, and South Florida residents learned about the scientific basis of the consciential paradigm, with particular focus on Alegretti's research into bioenergy and neurophysiology using the fMRI and other electrical apparatus. 
With 46,000 students, FIU is one of the largest public universities in the United States, featuring the world’s only undergraduate program in the scholarly study of spirituality.  Dr. Nathan Katz, pioneer of Indo-Judaic research, heads the program, and invited Alegretti to give the talk, based on Alegretti’s extensive record of international speaking and scientific-technical background.

The audience
In his lecture, Alegretti articulated how the scientific approach can be applied to experiences normally relegated to religion. The sizeable attendance confirmed that there is a significant academic interest in the research that IAC does; and Alegretti’s presentation - as well as the high-caliber debate that followed it - demonstrated the legitimacy and quality of the work, opening the door for further dialogue in a serious academic setting. 

The intraphysical team
IAC has previously collaborated with the U.S. academic community by creating extracurricular courses at Miami-Dade College, co-creating the curriculum for (and guest-lecturing for) the University of Florida's curricular psychology course on consciousness, and speaking at academic conferences hosted by universities nationwide, including University of Arizona, Utah Valley State College, University of Pennsylvania, University of Miami, DeSales University, and City University of New York.

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