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Recall of Friendships from Period Between Lives and Life Mission Training

In an article published in Conscientia magazine, IAC Germany's Anne-Catrin Vogt publishes an intimate and inspiring personal account of a recalled experience from the pre-birth, preparatory, period between lives. Today, the author taught the course inspired by the experience for the first time in London. Stay tuned for the next opportunity to watch it live or online via our Google calendars of activities or our Facebook page, both accessible via our homepage.

The Sense of Interconnection: Penta Experience
by Anne-Catrin Vogt, IAC Germany

Source: Conscientia magazine, 13(1): 83-86, jan./mar., 2009
Original in Portuguese: O Senso de Interconectividade: Experiência na Tenepes
Translation: Nelson Abreu


The author addresses the retrocognition of a group dynamics experienced during the intermissive course. The phenomenon took place during a PENTA (personal energetic task) session. Based on this experience, it is being proposed the term sense of interconnection to describe the value attributed to the para-bond or the interconsciential relation between the intermissive course mates.

Keywords: Interconnectiveness, Parabond, Reurbanization

Responding to the invitation to participate in the roundtable PENTA around the World of the V Forum on PENTA and the II International Meeting of PENTA Practitioners, I selected an experience that took place during a PENTA session on March 6, 2009 at my residence at the time in southern Germany. The objective of this personal account is to describe a retrocognition, which I consider a consciential extrapolation, and to reflect and discuss about the topic of interconnection among the participants of the intermissive course.

I find this topic is related to the entry “Para-linked” in the Encyclopedia of Conscientiology, within the specialty of psychosomatics. According to the author, “the para-link is a para-groove inscribed in the subtle structure of the psychosoma of the intraphysical consciousness when it was still an extraphysical consciousness, during its pre-resoma, intermissive period, with some extraphysical friendship, that is, with another extraphysical consciousness during the Intermissive Course (IC).” (VIEIRA, 2007, p. 1.678). In this same entry, the author affirms: “The para-link is the greatest tie of affinity and empathy, with para-genetic, psychosomatic, holosomatic, and multi-vehicular foundations, between intraphysical consciousnesses, male or female. (VIEIRA, 2007, p. 1.680).


I was born in southern Germany in 1968 and the Foreigner’s Syndrome was a constant throughout my life since infancy. Since my youth, I had plans of living in another country. After concluding my academic studies, I initiated an odyssey through various countries, accessed diverse lines of knowledge, but was unable to find a place or line of thought that satisfied me. Today, I know that I had been searching for my evolutionary group.

At 28 years old, I found part of the group in Curitiba (1996). For me, it was like finding home. The welcome from the people of the group, with great respect and friendship, left a lasting and profound impression. Since I moved with my evolutionary duo overseas, in 2003, and, in particular, since the beginning of activities of conscientiology in Germany, where I established residency in 2006, I felt that the PENTA work had, as an objective, to assist with extraphysical reurbanization.

The holothosene of Germany is marked by a long history of wars, and the extraphysical work may be at least as important as the intraphysical work of dissemination of Conscientiology in the country. Probably, it is the multidimensional work that molds the possibilities of the intraphysical work in terms of access to people (students of Conscientiology).


In the practice of PENTA, in the aforementioned day, due to light non-alignment of the vehicles of manifestation, I had a retrocognitive experience of being in the intermissive period, as a member of an intermissive course, together witih other intermissivists, participating of a group exercise.

The retrocognition began with an image of intermissive group extraphysical consciousnesses of the same evolutionary level which I was a part of. All were holding hands, forming a circle, and the exercise consisted of being in a profound state of concentration and reflection to produce an elevation of thought and sentiment.

The idea of a chorus came to mind, in which each component knows its role and the harmony was achieved via the elevation of the thosenes with total interaction among the components. We were in mutual resonance which I interpreted as being in connection with the cosmic fluid.

The purpose of such an exercise was to re-enforce the materthosene of the group existential program and to increase the probability of re-encountering the group, when in the intraphysical condition, and recalling the para-bond and the commitments assumed during the intermission.

There was a strong affinity and connection between the members of the group, and in a way we articulated and elevated thosenes throughout the group dynamic. Continuing with the chorus analogy, the members sang in unison, however each singer performed his or her part, integrating to the other parts or voices, composing a whole. The result did not seem like music, but rather subtle energy.

We understood that each one would make an effort to do his or her part within the assistantial maxi-mechanism, but what united us was the group existential program, planned during the intermissive course. The central theme had to do with the extraphysical reurbanization of the planet.

My lucidity increased significantly due to the elevation of the thoughts and sentiments. The thosenes were the healthiest possible, centered on maxi-fraternity and on the future work in the condition of intraphysical consciousness. The workshop was based on the maximum interconnection among the participants. The objective was to enter into resonance with other intermissive period participants and to reach a maximum harmony.

Holding the para-hand of the partner increased the rapport and mutual commitment. I think we planned mechanisms of mutual help in this life. For example, those who arrived first would evoke those who were to arrive later. There were no barriers or reservations, preferences or clans among us. We all knew we had the same value. There was no hierarchy. The relationship was horizontal. We elevated our thoughts and sentiments in unison. We were conscious that the existential program of another was as important as one’s own. The union and the collective work was the predominant thosene.

It may have been the experience that left me the most distant of individualism and egoism. There was no space for personalisms or worries about self-image. We abandoned individualism without losing individuality or diminishing personal value. We had profound knowledge of ourselves and each other, with total authenticity in our manifestations. This transparency increased the sense of interconnection and gave us greater personal confidence to come to this life.

I recall switched positions to hold the para-hands of everyone. With this idea, there was a strong impact on the psychosoma and the non-alignment ceased. I was touched and I recalled evoking those who had not joined the group intraphysically.

In sequence, I felt a repercussion in the cardiochakra. I understood the phrase “strength in union” in a deeper way. The greatest analogy I could find for this force is that of a great current. I felt much gratitude for being part of this group and for having the opportunity to prepare for my intraphysical life with such a high degree of lucidity, knowing where I came from, where I was going to, and what my role would be in this life and that I would have, side by side, evolutionary friends with the same objective.


My hypothesis is that with this group dynamic, we bid farewell to the intermissive course, keeping the mutual compromise for the current lifetime, through group extrapolation and great confraternization, before being dispatched, one by one, to resoma. We knew the challenge of intraphysical life, with its tortuous paths, and we knew there was no guarantee we would encounter our evolutionary group. Despite this, we had the motivation to work to the maximum, with our healthiest thosenes, still as extraphysical conciousnesses.

The greater our lucidity and the strongest our perception of this resonance, the greater the probability of infusing this experience within our consciential structure, giving it an intrinsic value that could be captured in the intraphysical state.

I believe that we entered in resonance with the cosmic flux and with the holothosene of extraphysical reurbanization. I do not know how to clearly define the resonance with the cosmic flow, but the degree of elevation of fraternal sentiments induced me to think that we were in connection with the Extraphysical Central of Fraternity. I could not differential faces or people, because the priority was the group. The individuality took second plane.

I consider this an experience a significant recovery of cons in terms of magnitude. I could say that, through it, I integrated the sense of interconnection as a value in this existence, with which I aim to align my manifestations. The following sentiments prevailed after the retrocognition ended: intimate well-being, confidence, fraternity, harmony, optimism, responsibility, serenity, and unity.


Right after the experience, I felt the responsibility to share the experience with the other intermissive period colleagues, and the invitation of the V Forum on PENTA arose as an opportune synchronicity to share the experience. Perhaps this personal account can rekindle the recall in other intermissivists

The proposal of using the term sense of interconnection seems to be the most accurate of the nature of the para-link between the members of the intermissive course, where fraternity and solidarity predominate. I think this sentiment is a common value among all.

The effects of the experience have been lasting and expand through the current moment, generating more associations of ideas, allowing me to connect things that had seemed disparate. For example, the interconnection and the force of the chorus with extraphysical reurbanization, the world state, and the European Union.

The European anthem is not only an anthem of the European Union, but of all of Europe in an ample sense. The music was extracted from Ludwig van Beethoven’s 9th symphony, composed in 1823. In the last part of the symphony, Beethoven inserted the poem “Ode an die Freude” (Ode to Joy) by Friedrich von Schiller, written in 1785. This poem expresses the idealist vision of Schiller, shared by Beethoven, in which humanity unites itself through fraternity. The “anthem expresses the ideals of liberty, peace, and solidarity and constitutes the standard of Europe.” (EUROPEAN INSTITUTIONS, 2009).

Those ideals can be synthesized in the phrase: “Alle Menschen werden Brüder” (all human beings will become brothers), part of the poem by Schiller. The sense of interconnectivity may have its roots in the first intermissive course, and through this experience I deduce that this sense will be applied or developed in two phases: First phase: development of the sense of interconnection as a value among us, intermissivists.

Second phase: extension of this sense of interconnection to the Homo sapiens reurbanizatus.

Only when we feel empathy, fraternity and responsibility for the evolution of the consreus, will universalism be impregnated into our consciential structure. “In the evolutionary trajectory, there comes a level, inevitably, when a consciousness divests itself, spontaneously, of all egoism to embrace pure altruism definitively, without restraint, without loss of identity, sacrifice or major personal difficulty.” (VIEIRA, 2003, p. 848).

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  1. this is a beautiful experience. I can imagine that it is quite difficult to describe the experienced feelings in words or in any language. And it seems to me as I have a very faint clue or imagination how it feels like to experience such a union and I'm longing for the moment, when I'll be able to experience something like that.

    I hope that one day I'll have the chance to participate in the Intermissive Friendship course as well to learn more about it. :)

    Anne-Catrin must be a great instructor!