Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Telephone Telepathy?

Have you ever surprised yourself by successfully predicting who was ringing your phone, because it seemed unlikely?  A friend of mine had a telephone that malfunctioned such that the ringer did not work anymore.  One day, he was concentrated on his work and picked up the phone. Moments later he realized he had picked up the phone even though it had not actually rung.

British biologist and consciousness researcher Rupert Sheldrake conducted a scientific study related to this experience that many people can relate to.

The average success rate of over 1,000 trials was over 40% in a 1 out 4 odds experiment, which should have yielded around 25% hit rate, expected by chance.

Do you have a surprising case of telephone telepathy? A single case does not constitute scientific evidence, but studies such as this one demonstrate psi phenomena can be successfully researched.

UK's Nolan Sisters have a go at Rupert Sheldrake's Experiment

In a popular Youtube video, an illusionist surprises folks with a magic trick - or is it a case of telephone telepathy?

Nelson Abreu
IAC California

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