Saturday, January 5, 2013


By Nanci Trivellato, MSc, IAC Director of Research
Transcript - Originally aired in Radio Caracol, Miami

The most generous deed one could perform is helping someone else.  All kinds of works are worthy, but those efforts made to help someone else are more permanent than the work to achieve purely material profits.  For example if an individual spends ten years investing time and energies to create a work of art if this object is damaged nothing is left of the efforts invested in this enterprise.  When this individual goes through the physical death the art object is left behind.  If this person invests part of its time and energies to help others it will make friends.  These friendships continue even after death since we’re all immortal.  This can be easily verified by going out of the body.

Clarification task is the most important type of assistance that can be performed.  Clarification helps others become more lucid, helps them grow and improve themselves.  Assistance can be given while out of the body.  A person can collaborate to assist as well as receive assistance while outside of its physical body.   Those that have had lucid projections know this and recognize the importance of projections as a tool to help.

We know individuals who have been helped with their sickness while they were supposed to be dreaming.  We imagine that you too know cases like this.    If the person does not know about projections it concludes that it had a dream in which she/he was being treated.  What really happened was a non-physical treatment during a projection.  Nevertheless if one is lucid while out of the body one knows that it is possible to be helped and to help cure someone else.  What we want to emphasize is that it is possible to use a lucid projection to assist others.  Physical beings who are asleep as well as those that already went through biological death can be helped.  

The individual who has control of its projections and who maintains emotional balance joins extra physical teams and could frequently decide who to help.  One could be aware as to leaving the body, going far away from the bedroom until arriving  in a different place or dimension where the person to be assisted is waiting.  In this meeting the energies that the projector voluntarily sends will interact with the energies of the extra physical patient.  Through the transmission of energies one can positively affect others by performing therapy in the recipients energetic and astral body.  When the patient wakes up it brings to its physical body all the positive energies that were received in the extra physical dimension.  Little by little this more harmonious energetic pattern influences physical life until the improvement in the physical body becomes noticeable.

The IAC – International Academy of Consciousness regularly teaches subjects like how to go out of body, assistance and  consciential development to name a few. 

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