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Cosmoconsciousness and Projection of the Mental Body

Nelson Abreu
IAC California

Throughout history, individuals have attempted to describe a state of being beyond our normal experience of space and time, accompanied by an expansion of awareness with a sense of omniscience and omniconnection.  This type of experience has been described as "oneness with the universe," "experience of enlightenment," cosmic consciousness, cosmic unity experience, causal body experience, mental body or mentalsoma projection. 

Cosmoconscientiarium at IAC Campus, Portugal

Cosmoconsciousness is "the consciousness’ inner perception of the cosmos, of life and the order of the universe, in an indescribable intellectual and cosmoethical exaltation. In this condition, the consciousness senses the living presence of the universe and becomes one with it, in an indivisible unit. Interconsciential communication occurs in this singular condition" [1].

Here, we do not refer to an experience of "ecstasy" since those who experience it, do not describe an emotive state, but rather a state of indescribable serenity, peace, imperturbability, or tranquility, a complete and utter absense of all gross emotionality.  Sentiments are not so-much "felt" as understood, experienced as a result of expanded lucidity regarding the universe and our relationship with it and all other consciousnesses.  The superposition of the consciousness as an individual and as a part of cosmic whole is experienced simultaneously, beyond causality, beyond form, color, shape, direction, distance, words: in a world of ideas.  It is thought that certain historical figures have attempted to describe this state: Plato and his world of ideas or ideals, Augustine of Hippo and his sophisticated (though colored by his religious lense) description of "Heaven" in his autobiography Confessions.  Siddhattha Gotama may have demonstrated awareness of scientific facts regarding the physical cosmos long before the development of modern science and technology.

One of the most detailed and advanced such experiences among contemporaries comes from Dr. Waldo Vieira in chapter 60 of Projections of the Consciousness, whereby the experienced lucid projector describes meeting others projected with the "mental body" (rather than the psychosoma or "astral body"), beyond the physical, energetic, or astral spectrum. Interestingly, some may have been projected from the physical condition, while others may have projected from the extraphysical condition. That is, whether we are currently with a physical body or whether we are in between lives, we can project into this "dimension." In this gathering, a "free consciousness" presented itself. It is one of the few written accounts of an encounter with a consciousness that has "graduated" from the sequence of physical and extraphysical life times known as "rebirth cycle," "reincarnation," or existential series.

Just as the regular projection of the consciousness is akin to a preview of physical death and the afterlife, the projection of the mentalsoma is a preview of the end of this sequence of physical and extraphysical existences. It is as transformational as any experience could be, however, it serves as a reminder that we do not experience this as our normal state and that evolution consists of making the internal changes and interpersonal contributions required to mature to the point where this life and the bodies we use are no longer useful to us. While this point appears to be far into the future for us, it is encouraging to think we will all eventually reach this condition, and that in a sense may already have, beyond space and time that serve as limitations to our awareness but also a necessary scaffolding for our evolution.

Rather than a subtle part of our existence, the development of the mentalsoma reveals itself as central to our self-awareness and self-mastery and lucidity of our interconnection to all living things and everything. Maxifraternity, a cosmic love for all, is continually expanded not as a mere passion or emotion, but a more lucid understanding of reality and demonstrated in our acts and thoughts in an increasingly coherent and central manner. Can we imagine evolution with it?

Though a projection of the mentalsoma is rather uncommon, even for a more experienced lucid projector, partial expansions of consciousness are more common.  In this experience, the mental body is slightly expanded away from the confines of the extraphysical body. In this state, individuals are able to experience a fragment of that "total expansion," accessing greater intellectual, ethical, and discernment abilities, feeling more connected to their surroundings and fellow beings, grasping ideas with greater depth or understanding connections between ideas and events that would normally evade them.  This kind of expansion is faciliated through projections of the consciousness, intentional or as a result of extensive reflection, meditation, or concentration. Related terms, though not precise synonyms, include satori, samadhi. Some examples of contemporary personalities and their experiences are included under "Additional Resources" below.

This subject is covered in classes 9 and 10 of the Consciousness Development Program (CDP Module 3) and a course by subject-matter expert and experiencer J. Lloyd of IAC New York. There are interesting articles in the Journal of Conscientiology and chapters in projectiological works like Projectiology and Demystifying the Out-of-Body Experience. If you would like to find an optimized environment for this type of experience, the Cosmoconsciousness Laboratory (cosmoconscientiarium), is highly recommended.

IAC Campus Laboratories

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  1. Emerson would approve. Thank you!
    “The reason why the world lacks unity, and lies broken and in heaps, is, because man is disunited with himself.” - Ralph Waldo Emerson