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Personal Account: Assisted Lucid Projection

This article was originally published in the JofC Issue 31, January 2006.

Assisted Lucid Projection

- Silvana Meira
Saturday, January 28th, 2006. Corte Madera, California.

After waking up to go to the bathroom, I returned to bed and laid down, placing a pillow underneath my knees, and comfortably extending my arms alongside my body, hands resting on my thighs. I immediately felt relaxed and externalized energy for about 20 minutes or so, shifting to the closed circuit of energy technique. I felt the energies flowing from my head to my feet and back. I concentrated on leaving the physical body and repeated to myself, “I’m going to leave my body. My physical body needs to sleep, I don’t.”

In a state of feeling half awake and half asleep, a dream like scene appeared and I saw myself in a room with 3 Brazilian friends, which I haven’t seen for over 5 years. I was happy to see them and they seemed surprised and happy to see me as well. As I heard my physical body snoring, the scene disappeared and I recovered lucidity. I could still feel the energy running from head to feet, and feet to head, so I knew I had to hold my intent to leave the physical body and to avoid distractions.

I heard a gentle and very calm female voice asking me in my native language “Voce quer sair?” (“do you want to take off?”) I did not have time to answer because I felt I was being grabbed by my para-arms and pulled up, bringing me to a seated position with the upper part of the psychosoma separating from the physical body. I could see my para-arms stretched towards the ceiling, whilst the para-legs remained with my physical legs. Aware of my situation, I could not see the helper, but I knew she was there. Looking to the ceiling I tried to take off, telling myself to go up, but my position did not change. Instead, what happened was the elongation of my paraarms, as I noticed that my effort was not sufficient to lift off, my psychosoma was brought back to the horizontal position, where I was then laying on my physical body, listening to it’s heavy breath, sometimes feeling it and sometimes not, as if my extraphysical head was bouncing in and out of the physical head.

I firmly intended to go up again, and in slow motion, my psychosoma went up, only stopping 2 inches from the ceiling. I looked at the details of the surface of the ceiling which I never before had seen so closely. I was getting distracted and losing lucidity when a clear message directed me to get away from my physical body so I would not return to it. I started to move, first looking at the ceiling then turning my head and seeing the chandelier, I noticed that my extraphysical bedroom was bigger than it is physically.

”I need a target!” As soon as this thought occurred, I knew what I wanted to do. I wanted to see “L.”, one of the friends of the dream like scene perceived during hypnagogy. Adopting a vertical position, out in the open I went, flying for what felt like a minute. Stopping at what seemed my destination, I saw my friend “L.” and a woman was with him. I could not identify her, but they were seated on a table facing each other and from where I was I could see her back, and her hair called my attention. My friend was wearing a light blue shirt and he did not have his beard which he had last time I saw him.

Something pulled me back, and shortly I was back in my physical body. I did not recall my flight back. It did not feel like I woke up because I never lost consciousness during the process. The memory of what happened was vivid in my mind. I did not move for a couple minutes, going through the details of my experience. I moved to the side to check the time, the clock marked 6:50 am, I took note of it and wrote 12:50 pm next to it, the time in Brazil.

It was still dark. I turned the lights on, got my notebook from the night stand and sat in bed to write down my experience. After getting my friend’s new contact info over that weekend, I wrote him telling I had him as my target and what I saw when I got to him. He confirmed that at that time he was home, with his partner, he was wearing a light blue shirt and he did not wear a beard any longer. He also mentioned that by my description of the scene he could tell my angle of perception and that everything about my experience could be validated.

I thank the extraphysical helper for this opportunity.

Silvana Meira is a volunteer-instructor at IAC California 

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  1. Essas projeções normalmente são frustrantes, mas se você tem um mentor te acompanhando ele vai te dar projeções melhores futuramente.