Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ask IAC - Question on Past Lives - Idaho, USA

A question from Sandpoint, Idaho, USA:
Hi! I wanted to ask you if seeing a past life is considered an OBE... Also, is it possible to see somebody else’s life? I’ve heard about the Akashic records so not sure if that’s how it happened. I did a past-life regression and saw a life but just not sure if it was mine. Your thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
Dear M.Thank you for your interesting questions.

Retrocognition is a phenomenon of the consciousness whereby we appear to relive, to various degrees, an event of a past life or a period between lives. Retrocognition can take place during various altered states or states of consciousness: the waking state, during a dream, during an OBE, and even in the period between lives when we do not have a body.  We typically recall our own past experiences, but it is not impossible to access information of someone else’s.  This could happen in a group session of past life regression, through hypnosis (recalling the hypnotist’s or someone else near the area of the session).  Therefore, it is advisable to perform retrocognitive attempts in isolation and in an energetically-optimized environment. 
If one actually intends to access another’s past memories, this can be facilitated by an intentional, prolonged and intense auric coupling or temporary merging of two individuals’ energy fields.  I suggest this interview with Wagner Alegretti and his book as excellent sources to study this phenomenon in depth and its application to spiritual development.
Akashic records are a metaphor more than an actual “place,” at least as evidenced by the consensus of our researchers. This concept refers to the idea that we can tap into a vast wealth of knowledge and memory of all living things and of all time.  This concept, however, is related to a very distinct experience from the retrocognition: the so-called projection of the mental body or cosmic consciousness experience.

The veracity of recall of past lives is among the most difficult to verify among psychic phenomena.  Healthy skepticism or hesitance in accepting a single experience as a real memory is a discerning attitude.  We can have more certainty about particular hypotheses as we accumulate multiple experiences and other corroborating evidence (such as an analysis of our interests, personality traits, and more).  Again, this aspect is covered very well by Alegretti in his book.  Certain experiences, however, are very vivid and visceral re-enactments of events that tend to be emotional, impactful, highly significant in molding who we have become.  If the purported memory seems foreign, does not fit into any of your salient characteristics, and was not particularly poignant, chances are it was not a retrocognition at all.
Nelson Abreu
IAC California

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