Monday, April 8, 2013

Beyond Evidence: "Killer Apps" of Projectiology

When lecturing with more skeptical audiences, it is natural that much time is dedicated to discussing evidence suggestive of the out-of-body experience, subtle energy, and psychic phenomena as more than mere illusory "neuro-curiosities" - as well as methods and paradigms for scientific study of such experiences.  As critical as the scientific discourse is, many times one can lose sight of the fact that these experiences can transform people for the better. For that reason alone, they are worthy of serious investigation: scientific and personal.
What do you think is the cosmoethical "killer app" for OBE's, bioenergy, or psi phenomena that could increase interest in this area of human manifestation, even among those who do not think they are "real"?

Not to mention that they can be quite enjoyable and enriching! One does not have to believe OBE's are real to derive enjoyment and enrichment from them: flying, being underwater without breathing and communicating with dolphins, exploring a rain forest, experiencing some degree of lucidity when one usually is "blacked out"?

In societies where the value of an activity is judged first and foremost by its potential for financial return, projections of the consciousness and related phenomena may seem like an utter waste of time.  One of the best ways to undermine the predominant, materialistic paradigm could well be promoting benefits that are seen as relevant to "conventional" circles. 

For instance, modern economies rely increasingly on originality to set a product or service apart from others or to create a whole new market ecosystem.  Several leading companies try to break the mold of the typical office space and dynamics with the aim of facilitating creativity.  For millenia, novels, paintings, inventions, new approaches or solutions have come to light during or after experiences like the OBE.  Steve Jobs gave great credit to his altered states of consciousness for shaping his genius.  More individuals could have such intuition against the conventional wisdom, minus the LSD, hashish, and marijuana. 

Could athletes, lawyers, test takers, nurses, therapists perform their functions better through bioenergetic practices? What of paraplegics that can feel energy coursing through their body, in areas where they could not feel a thing, and that can experience movement and even flight? Inmates that can experience relief of their restrictive and typically negative environment and can have a moment of personal dignity, a paradigm-shift that could result in positive transformation?

One of the scientific programs with the most objective and extensive data on consciousness-related "anomalies" was conducted at Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research laboratory over a period of three decades.  If the data accumulated thus far is not convincing enough for most, another three decades of similar experiments is not going to change that. Instead, part of the focus has changed to applications such as those explored by Psyleron.  For instance, lamps that change color according to output of a digital true-random digit generator, which appear to, at times, respond to group resonance in a business meeting or to the emotional state of an individual. A text message service that sends pre-programmed messages via SMS to one's cellphone at random times, creating the conditions for synchronicities -- such as reminding someone to do an energy practice at an opportune time.

Now, chances are that with the accumulation of experiences, whether for entertainment, relaxation, originality, insight or improvement of performance in other areas, the veracity of the OBE and other phenomena would become increasingly evident leading to a more purposeful, spiritual or evolutionary approach.

What do you think is the cosmoethical "killer app" for OBE's, bioenergy, or psi phenomena that could increase interest in this area of human manifestation, even among those who do not think they are "real"?

Nelson Abreu is an educator at International Academy of Consciousness - California and contributing author of Filters and Reflections: Perspectives on Reality (ICRL Press 2009).

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  1. A very nice topic and article. Would be interesting to follow up on it and see which apps emerge.