Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Digital Back Issues of Journal of Conscientiology?

Do you wish to research past issues of IAC's consciousness research journal? In addition to abstracts and keyword search available on our website, reference hardcopies at IAC centers and our Campus library, you can now read full versions in digital format through EBSCO, which most universities and public libraries subscribe to.

Check with your local library or institution of higher learning to obtain remote access from the comfort of your own home. To inquire about hardcopy back issues, please contact journal_backissue@iacworld.org

The JOURNAL OF CONSCIENTIOLOGY publishes articles related to the study of the consciousness, aiming at deepening the understanding of its nature. The science of conscientiology analyzes the consciousness by examining all its attributes and manifestations from a multidimensional and multiexistential perspective.

To submit original work from personal experience accounts and book reviews to scientific research papers, please consult guidelines on the latest issue or on our website. Issue 47 is heading to press, and stay tuned for news regarding full-version online access for IAC members! 

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