Wednesday, May 1, 2013

IAC Radio: Return to Life - Dr. Jim Tucker on Research on Children'sRecall of Past Lives and Period between Lives

Complementing Consciousness TV, IAC is pleased to introduce Consciousnes Radio.  We look forward to sharing original podcasts as an educational series of interviews and discussions related to the personal and scientific study of consciousness.

For our first podcast, Dr. Jim Tucker (University of Virginia) discusses his upcoming second book, Return to Life, presenting cases suggestive of the theory of existential series (reincarnation or hypothesis of multiple physical life times), including the period between lives (intermissive period or intermission) and the relationship to near-death experiences (NDE's).

This subject is discussed in IAC's Consciousness Development Program, among other courses, and it is the subject of IAC researcher Wagner Alegretti's Retrocognitions: An Investigation into Memories of Past Lives and the Period Between Lives.

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