Friday, May 24, 2013

PARAGENETICS: Online & in Miami (June 8 in English & June 9 in Spanish)

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Simone Mucida
 has been researching Conscientiology and Projectiology since 1995; in 2000 she joined the IAC's team of instructors and has grown into one of IAC's most experienced instructors, regularly teaching some of the IAC's most advanced courses in English, Spanish and Portuguese. She has a degree in Psychology and has done research in the area of Neurocognitive Psychology. Simone has studied the topic of Paragenetics for more than 10 years. She is currently a member of IAC's Board of Education and the Director of IAC Florida. 
More Upcoming Events

Thursday, June 13;
7:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Bioenergy Workout (Spanish)

Saturday, June 15 -
Sunday, June 16; 
1:00 PM - 6:30 PM
CDP Module 1 (Spanish)

Friday, June 21 -
Sunday, June 23

Advanced 1: Self-Knowledge (English)

IAC Florida Educational Center

7800 SW 57th,
Ste. 207-D
Miami, FL 33143
Phone: (305) 668 4668
(offered live and online)
Saturday, June 8 (English)
Sunday, June 9 (Spanish)
4:00 - 7:00 PM (3 hours) 
at the IAC Florida Education Center (see below)
$59 pre-paid / $49 members /
$65 day of the course
Pre-requisite: CDP Module 2
Just as genetics are a type of biological inheritance, paragenetics are a self-inheritance of traits, tendencies, tastes, and talents developed from our past lives and the periods in between lives.
Our paragenetics are encoded in our nonphysical bodies and can manifest to a greater or lesser degree once we are reborn and have acquired a new physical body. Our paragenetics start to become more significant as we become more aware of our evolutionary processes and our role in them. During this course we will learn how the understanding of our paragenetics can help us live better by reducing the gap between our extraphysical and intraphysical lives. We will also discuss ways to develop a greater multi-dimensional self-concept to help us override social conditioning, biological instincts, and materialistic perspectives, which can help increase our ability to think, feel and behave more like a consciousness (soul, essence, self) in the physical dimension.

Food for thought: How much of our inherent self have we brought forward this life, and how much of our manifestations are still dominated by the physical body? Come to the class to learn more!
Some topics include:
* Rebirth: genetics and the physical body (Soma)
* How learning and conditioning develops
* Paragenetics and the Out-of-the body experience  
* Holomemory: inhibiting & enhancing factors
* Paragenetics and its somatic manifestations
(case studies)
* Paragenetic Triggers: an experience we have this life that triggers a past live manifestation, functioning as a "time capsule"
* Intermissive Periods: bridging the gap between extraphysical and intraphysical life

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