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The Scientific Mystery of Transplant Cellular Memory: Projectiological Hypotheses

It has been said that explanatory power is a lithmus test of new scientific paradigms. The consciential paradigm sheds light on phenomena like the near-death experience, a well-known medical connundrum that has puzzled forthcoming physicians, leading many to consider that consciousness can indeed exist independently of the brain. For some, this means it is non-corporeal, as proposed by projectiology and its consciential paradigm, but for others not willing to abandon the intraphysical limits of the Newtonian-Cartesian paradigm, it means that it is at least distributed throughout the body. 

More scientists are opening up to the idea that memory is also not limited to the brain. Projectiology posits that memory is not ultimately biological, since it can survive biological death, and we can access memories of OBE's that were not previously recalled and memories of past intraphysical life times and periods between lives, for example. 

You may have heard of claims that patients who undergo organ transplants appear to acquire more than a replacement organ from a donor.  Discovery Health Channel is running a program called "Transplanting Memories," chronicling cases of apparent information being transferred from the donor to the recipient: traumas, personality traits, and more. This is another type of phenomenon that the consciential paradigm explicates.

In a famous case, documented in the book A Change of Heart, an American woman named Claire Sylvia received a heart and lung transplant from an eighteen year-old male who had a fatal motorcycle accident. 
Soon after the operation, Sylvia declared that she felt like drinking beer, something she hadn't particularly been fond of. Later, she observed an uncontrollable urge to eat chicken nuggets and found herself drawn to visiting the popular chicken restaurant chain, KFC. She also began craving green peppers which she hadn’t particularly liked before. Sylvia also began having recurring dreams about a mystery man named Tim L., whom she felt was the organ donor. On a cue from someone, she searched for obituaries in newspapers published from Maine and was able to identify the young man whose heart she had received. His name had indeed been Tim. After visiting Tim’s family, she discovered that he used to love chicken nuggets, green peppers and beer.
If, as depicted in psychometry cases, a watch or necklace can retain the user's thosenes (patterns of THOughts SENtiments in suble ENErgy, personal morphic field, information field, noetic field), what could be said of a body's organ? Projectiology employs the neologism holothosene to describe a sum or average of such thosenes, theoretical units of manifestation. People, places, objects, even symbols can have such imprints, which most people perceive only unconsciously. In IAC's CDP course students reflect in depth on this subject and learn very useful techniques to sense, qualify, control, connect to or isolate from such holothosenes. 

We also study life after death, or between lives, through psychical phenomena like out-of-body experiences (OBEs). Through these projections of the consciousness, we might find cases where the donor, now an extraphysical consciousness, remains in a state of auric coupling with the organ, and hence with the recipient. If the recipient is less aware of extraphysical reality, he or she could then be affected by the thoughts, memories, intentions, desires, emotions of the extraphysical consciousness, who is also most likely semi-conscious of the process. More knowledge and training of bioenergy and extraphysical reality can prevent this type of situation. Crucially, projectiology also investigates how to understand and assist extraphysical consciousnessses in a pathological state, replacing fear and helplessness with techniques (e.g. assistantial OBE; PENTA or Personal Energetic Task) and fraternity.

Another widely publicized case reportedly resulted in the recipient helping to solve the murder of the organ donor. Whether it is an example psychometry or whether the extraphysical consciousness utilized the heart to establish a stronger communication to bring the facts to light, it is an extraordinary case.
An eight year-old girl, who received the heart of a murdered ten year-old girl, began having recurring vivid nightmares about the murder. Her mother arranged a consultation with a psychiatrist who after several sessions concluded that she was witnessing actual physical incidents. They decided to call the police who used the detailed descriptions of the murder (the time, the weapon, the place, the clothes he wore, what the little girl he killed had said to him) given by the little girl to find and convict the man in question. 
The Journal to New Approaches to Medicine and Health lists these and several other compelling cases, including some that have been independently investigated.  Echoing the predominant materialistic view, Jeremy Chapman, president of the International Transplantation Society, has been quoted saying that "there is no scientific basis of such a claim. There's so much fiction around transplants." But other researchers say the phenomenon, which is known as 'cellular memory', is not limited to those who have received new hearts. Projectiology would point to non-biological hypotheses, namely those of holothosenes and psi communication with extraphysical consciousness. 

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Nelson Abreu
IAC California


  1. Great post and really interesting topic. It's too bad that our society is so materialistic and doesn't even consider such hypotheses. I look forward to the day when non-physical reality is common knowledge.

    1. While respecting others' right to not want to know about multidimensionality, we can each reflect on what we can do cosmoethically to bring that day forth, even if it is thousands of years from now, we can each build a more lucid future one para-brick at a time. Thanks for visiting!

      - Nelson

  2. Thousands of years from now?.. your patience is to be commended. "...respecting others' right to not want to know about multidimensionality..." hmmmm. Is this just a polite way to imply that one's views and beliefs should not be impinged upon another? Nelson, a very humble position; humility is indeed an very important key. No one wants to engage in conflict and debate with those who don't 'try' to understand or 'attempt' to believe becomes a little silly, at times. Hardline ignorance for the sake of it and nothing else, again is absurd to debate. But such close minded skeptics are not all that common. In fact, there are many who believe more or less ardently in such phenomena unbeknownst to many of their friends. What I've found is that many such people are intelligent, respectful, caring etc., in short they are what is generally considered as 'good people'. It is hard for their friends to deny their good nature and intelligent, analytical minds and hearts. Such confrontations will start to tip the balance or at least equal it; what will happen exactly is not simple to predict, but one thing for sure, things will not go on as usual

    One brick at a time, but I believe the foundations have already been laid, and the house is actually close to half-way built. Before you know it, we'll be building the roof. It doesn't take a thousand years to build a house and even though we actually have all the time in the world to build this one, we won't allow ourselves to take that long. Once the ball gets rolling, the snowball effect (which is already apparent) will kick in like nothing we've ever seen.

    'Scuse the analogous rant, it just rolled out; nice post btw, keep it up.

  3. Dear Paolo

    Indeed, we will keep charting the course, full steam ahead, learning and teaching as much as possible, encouraging a more evolved world to become a reality as soon as possible. We cannot evolve others, we can only lead by example and keep a standing invitation, never imposing as a matter of cosmic ethics, in the example of extraphysical helpers who stand ready to assist us, but always respect our free will. Thank you for your support and sincere remarks. - Nelson