Thursday, June 6, 2013

Ask IAC: (2) Isn't the OBE caused by the brain? (Part 2) Question from a New Jersey high-school student

Part 2 of 3: Evidence suggestive that consciousness is not generated by the brain

IAC researchers are among a growing minority of scientists that posit that the out-of-body experience is not an illusory creation of the brain. We conclude that the projection of the consciousness, as it is called in the neo-science projectiology, is at least as veridical an experience as our normal waking state.  How do we reach this conclusion, you may ask? 

In addition to a steadily growing body of evidence for the self not being limited to the brain (scientific studies on telepathy, near-death experience, out-of-body experience, remote perception, mediums, and other phenomena), the ultimate evidence stems from the accumulation of personal experience that refute the prevalent scientific assumptions.  To discover why consciousness is not created by the brain, one must have experiences that demonstrate this. For instance: successfully observing remote physical information or events that are unlikely to be available to our senses or to be guessed; meeting other individuals during out-of-body experiences and having unlikely matching details in the subsequent written records, prior to any discussions between them; obtaining uncanny information from someone who no longer has a brain (someone who has undergone biological death) that can be verified, such as the location of a certain unknown object or confirmation of certain private, detailed information known only by a relative or friend. 

IAC researchers have accumulated more than enough such experiences themselves, augmented by those of their colleagues and students, as well as the aforementioned evidence to conclude that the materialistic paradigm is flawed.  An increasing number of very intelligent, scientific minds from medicine, engineering, biology, physics and other respected fields are reaching this conclusion, joining several Nobel laureates and other historic scientists with the same inclination. Well-known examples of contemporary academics who started out skeptical of non-material accounts of consciousness, but were later persuaded by evidence include Robert Jahn (Princeton University, dean emeritus of Engineering), physicians Michael Sabom, Pim van Lommel and Sam Parnia (IANDS), psychiatrist Jim Tucker (University of Virginia), Dean Radin (former engineer at the famed Bell Labatories). IAC challenges anyone with intellectual honesty to examine the objective evidence and to seek such personal evidence, as well.

Nelson Abreu is an educator at International Academy of Consciousness based in Los Angeles. He is a contributing author of Filters and Reflections: Perspectives on Reality (ICRL Press, 2009).  His research has encompassed consciousness and biological evolution, consciousness and physics/engineering, out-of-body experience, subtle energy and psychometry.

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