Friday, June 28, 2013

Human Potential: Ashley Melidosian

IAC Blog’s Nelson Abreu interviewed Ashley Melidosian, a consciousness educator and researcher based in Miami with International Academy of Consciousness, with an academic background in education.  Ashley Melidosian is visiting Los Angeles with two courses related to optimizing our evolution as a consciousness. The courses will also be webcast live for our friends around the world.

Tell us a little about how you got started and why you decided to volunteer with IAC

I’m an instructor and volunteer with IAC since 2004. I learned about IAC through a friend’s mother who was attending training courses in New York. The rational approach and some of the potential implications struck a chord.  What I liked best about IAC was that it did not just perceive non-physical things or just analyze at the surface, but dared to go deeper and encouraged others to do the same and make profound changes through their own process without depending on others, including IAC instructors.

When did your interest develop? How did your family and social circle react?

To some extent, I’ve always been interested in this area.  Even in high school, in Long Island, when I was more focused on theater, I would notice that there was a lot more to it than the physical processes.  For instance, in theater, in “becoming a character,” I would notice that there were energy processes.  I also started to perceive non-physical consciousness (“spirits”) and told my friends about it.  Many of my friends understood me and a few where quite open to it, it did not create a lot of tension.  However, when I started prioritizing it, beyond the surface level, when I started doing research, writing papers, giving lectures, they became less comfortable with the subject around me.  At a picnic with family or friends, this was not a subject they would feel at ease discussing, for example.

What subjects have you researched at IAC?

Over the years, I have been studying parapsychic signals, existential inversion and human potential. Parapsychic signals (psychic signals or energetic signs) are a type of energetic sensation we can perceive as a physical reaction that correlates to the multidimensional reality around us.  It could be a sensation on your ear. You may realize, over time, through patterns, that it correlates to an evolved non-physical presence.  Another sensation might correlate to impending trouble.  For a while, it was difficult for me to make sense of these sensations. I started recording these in codes into a database at work as they occurred, and through analysis, I was able to reach some interesting conclusions which I presented at a conference in Portugal and that were published in the Journal of Conscientiology (issue 42).

This weekend, you will be in Los Angeles, teaching two courses. Tell us a little about them.

The first one, which has a pre-requisite (CDP Module 4), is Existential Inversion.  Existential Inversion is a strategy that can be used during one’s physical life time to optimize evolutionary performance.  It helps one prioritize goals, values, actions from a young age, according to the priorities planned even before birth, when one had more lucidity about evolution.  We can lose some of these insights upon being born, but the strategy assists young people to re-calibrate themselves, especially given the pressures to conform, to please social expectations. It is a strategy we can use in this lifetime or that we can prepare to utilize in the next one.

By overcoming these pressures, we can direct ourselves toward more fulfilling and transformative lives, achieve what we planned in terms of personal growth and making a difference in the world.  I had the opportunity to meet the progenitor of this strategy and the pioneer of conscientiology, Dr Waldo Vieira, and to study with a group in Brazil that specializes on this subject about 8 years ago.  Then, I continued my own investigation to study the pressures in countries around the world, in particular, my own culture in the USA, to make it relevant to a more universal audience.

Each country has its own pressures, but in the USA, I sense there is a lot of emphasis on “be the best,” “go as big as you can,” “make a big name for yourself.” Unfortunately, this seldom translates into being as fulfilled or evolved as you can.  Rising to the top in a field could be part of our plan, but it could be an escape from our evolutionarily authentic path.  There is a lot of pressure for women to marry and have kids, here and around the world, and again, this could be part of one’s plan, but not necessarily and there are certainly pros and cons to be considered with maturity, especially in a multi-existential context.

As for the course on Human Potential (no pre-requisite), with all these “voices” in society telling you how to act and what to do, it can be difficult to be authentic to know who we are, what we can bring to the table, what is important to you, what new ideas and creations you want to bring forth, how you can use your talents to be multidimensionally resourceful for your growth and for the benefit of fellow beings.  We can use the best of our multidimensional, multi-existential past, our innate ideas, our innate talents, and be more aware of our environment and opportunities to fulfill our potential as a consciousness in evolution this life time.   

Human potential can be studied in terms of the best we can be in terms of internal potential: the development of our talent, our abilities, our capabilities. It can also be understood as relating our internal resources to external conditions, leveraging both to direct our life to help the most people, in the deepest or most advanced way, maturing the most we can, identifiying and overcoming weaknesses that hold us back, developing the most awareness.

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