Thursday, June 20, 2013

Take advantage of consciential laboratory sessions @ IAC Centers

Consciential Laboratories

Enjoy the energies (holothosene) of your nearest IAC center by reserving the classroom (lab) for your personal consciential experiments
Pre-Requisite: Consciousness Development Program - Module 2
Projective Techniques (PT) Laboratory

Projective Techniques

To improve technique and control, this lab optimizes the installation of an interdimensional energetic field, which aids in successful projections through the use of will. The participant will have control of the lab environment in the following ways: temperature and illumination, selection of reading materials relating to OBE techniques, a choice of lying down or relaxing in a recliner. More than 20 OBE techniques will be available giving you the flexibility of choosing the one that best suits you at that moment. 

The phenomenon of the lucid projection is an irreplaceable tool for the evolution of the consciousness, since it allows us to experience, directly, the many dimensions, the holosoma, and your multiexistential nature.

Duration of the Lab: 1 hr. 45 min 

3 hours of Waking Physical Immobility (3WPI) Laboratory

A technique of self-control in which we, comfortably seated in a reclining armchair, remain immobile for 3 hours. The idea is not to move our body during the entire period. The main benefits of this process of physical immobility are:
• Improvement of our concentration
• Increase of our energetic perceptions and psychic abilities
• Development of the control over our bodies
• Overcoming anxiety
• Understanding our thosenes and mental processes better
• Increase in self-knowledge
This is a self-confrontation technique, and a challenge, which helps us to develop confidence, control and greater focus.

Duration of the Lab: 3 hr. 30 min 

Vibrational State (VS) Laboratory

In agreement with the consciential model, this laboratory was prepared to provide you with ideal conditions to try, experiment and achieve the vibrational state (VS). The most important aspect of this laboratory is the energy. The VS, as a technique of energetic self-defense, gives us the opportunity of reaching mature self-discernment.

The benefits of the VS are numerous, including:
• Holosomatic health
• Energetic prophylaxis
• Mitigation of energetic blocks
• Energetic flexibility
• De-intrusion

During the laboratory, you may attempt the installation of the vibrational state as many times as possible, or maintain the VS and increase intensity throughout the entire period or a combination of both techniques.

Duration of the Lab: 1 hr. 45 min

The International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit research and education organization. It studies the consciousness (soul, spirit, essence), placing special emphasis on the out-of-body experience, control over bioenergy or vital energies, and other multidimensional manifestations. All information presented by the IAC is based on scientific principles and on years of research and experience.

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