Thursday, July 25, 2013

The consciential bond and cognitive surplus

In conscientiology (consciousness science), the consciential bond* refers to the link one may have with a civic organization, whereby one is motivated by participation in positive, altruistic and self-development outcomes, rather than individualistic interests. This is the kind of link between IAC (and other conscientiological organizations) and its volunteer directors, staff, teachers, researchers and writers.

In this TED talk, speaker Clay Shirky provides a term for the time that we may use to dedicate to such social-benefit causes: Cognitive Surplus, the "fuel" of organizations like ours and civic-service projects like Wikipedia, SETI, and Ushahidi. Shirky estimates there are 1 trillion annual hours of free time on Earth. 

For reflection: How much "cognitive surplus" do you have? Do you feel you use it to its maximum assistantial potential? What could you do to have more of it or to use it for greater impact in the future? What motivates you or what truly matters to you? What percentage of your effort, mental space, money is spent on civic missions?

* Consciential bond – The cosmoethical, self-aware, voluntary and polykarmic link between a volunteer and an institution. The consciential bond goes beyond the employment bond.

Video submitted by: Manori Sumanasinghe (IAC California)
Reflection by: Nelson Abreu (IAC California)


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