Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Thematic Lecture (Youtube) PSYCHIC CHILDREN: how to understand and help sensitive kids by Nanci Trivellato, MSc

Psychic Children: How to Understand and Help Sensitive Children
(70m39s on TVcomplexis, Youtube, Dubbed in English language)
Recorded at IAC Campus, Evoramonte, Portugal
Speaker: Nanci Trivellato, MSc

Director of Research and Scientific Communication
International Academy of Consciousness

Nanci Trivellato, MSc. (Psychological Research Methods), an instructor and researcher at International Academy of Consciousness (IAC), addresses the important subject of children dealing with their own psychic abilities from both the technical and personal-experience perspectives.

This public lecture is dedicated to parents who have children who may be psychic and adults who may have been psychic during their infancy or youth and who wish to understand those experiences and the relationship they may have with their current condition.

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