Sunday, September 22, 2013

Paper by IAC scholars in the latest issue of the journal Syntropy

The latest issue (2013, Number 2) of the journal Syntropy is now available online with the proceedings of the World Institute for Scientific Exploration (WISE) conference in Viterbo last month. You will find a number of papers related to subtle energy and consciousness, including one by IAC California's Nelson Abreu and IAC Italy's Alexandre Madurell and Lucilla Perego. Those interested in a layman's introduction to the concept of syntropy and its context in evolution of the consciousness and the material world should enjoy the opening entry by Dr Roger Taylor. The list of geniuses of humanity that have explored this concept is telling:
Pierre Theilhard De Chardin (France: theologian, paleontology), Jean-Baptiste Lamarck (France: biology), Luigi Fantappiè (Italy: mathematics), Buckminster Fuller (North American: architecture, systems theory), Erwin Schrödinger (Austria: Nobel laureate, physics), Albert Szent-Gyorgyi (Hungary: Nobel laureate, medicine), Arthur Koestler (Hungary: parapsychology, literature), and all the consciousness explorers who have realized the tendency of consciousness to create order and increase complexity and coherence or resonance or unity - Dr Taylor draws an interesting conceptual spiral from the Big Bang to cosmic unity.

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