Friday, October 25, 2013

1 x 7 Billion = 1 Global "Mind" - Larry Dossey, MD on HuffPost

In a recent article, Dr Larry Dossey discusses evidence that Earth's over seven billion individual humans are intertwined in what some have called the noosphere (de Chardin), the Earth's holothosene (Vieira, MD), the global zeitgeist, the human morphic field (Sheldrake, PhD), global consciousness (Roger Nelson, PhD / Dean Radin, PhD). 

Dr Dossey's article is on Huffington Post:

Those who study bioenergy, like IAC students, or who have had experiences related to it, will find personal examples of sympathetic experiences, distant mental communication, evoking, or influence. OBE's, NDE's, mentalsoma expansions highlight how connect we are as well, leading experiencers to expand their sense of universalism and leas identification with labels. 

All of these experiences show is that thought and intention are actions: personal, interpersonal and global ripples, adding to our personal karmic account balances and the tides and pressures of the invisible yet powerful information fields we are embedded in. Let us add to the positive (cosmoethical, evolutionary) side of that ledger!

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