Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Ectoplasm and Materialization Phenomena (Physical Psi Phenomena)

An educational film on history and projectiological theory behind
ectoplasm and its related phenomena (Portuguese, English sub-titles)

Students of IAC's CDP are often fascinated with physical effects like psychokinesis, materializations (apports, apparitions), healing (spontaneous remission, psychic surgery) as they relate to the waking state or even the out-of-body experience.  While such phenomena, which are discussed in class 5 of the CDP, are rare they have been reported by credible individuals, including respected academics from diverse fields and even at least one Nobel Prize laureate. These phenomena are classified as ambivalent phenomena in projectiology.

IAC offers four courses on this subject: Wagner Alegretti's Ectoplasm course is an excellent theoretical treatment of the subject; another IAC scholar's course on the history of psychical phenomena and research has rich historical content on the subject as well. For a practical experience of ectoplasm, IAC students (and instructors) eagerly await the annual CDP Advanced 2: Assistantial Energetic Field courses in North America and Europe led IAC's consciential epicenters: an advanced kind of mediumship. IAC's modern version of the turn-of-the-19th-century séances is the Multidimensional Praxis: Ectoplasm & Clairvoyance, held exclusively at our IAC Campus, an environment specialized for psi phenomena in Portugal. Keep an eye out for these opportunities to learn more, first hand!


  1. heard your talk at 'Life after Life' am going to free talk in Nov. at IAC but am really interested in Portugal?? will get more later thanks Barbara

  2. Dear Barbara

    We are in discussion with Life after Life Club to do a practical subtle energy activity in Orange County. You are welcome to do the first class of the CDP this weekend, complementary (2.5 hours). If you wish to complete the remainder of the course, that is splendid. It will be 1-6:30pm at our Culver City center. Otherwise, we look forward to seeing you at the intro lecture.

    Our Campus is designed to be an environment where one can accelerate their psychical and inner development toward attainment of a greater evolutionary level as a consciousness. We call this milestone: intrusionlessness.

  3. We have a new training course upcoming at our Campus in January: