Wednesday, October 9, 2013

What if you had at most "One Last Year of Life"?

What if your doctor revealed to you that you had approximately one more year left to live?  How would you live those final months? Individuals who have simulated the situation applying the One More Year of Life Technique adopt a posture of having only a single year of physical life remaining, substantially increasing self-awareness, application of effort and re-prioritization of life typical of an individual facing such circumstances in reality.  Have you ever applied this technique? If you haven't, how do you think your life would change if you did? What would you do more of or less of? What reconciliations and other "unfinished business" would you prioritize?

Some cases of real near-death reflections have made a significant impact. Their insights can help us live a better life without necessarily being at the end of this lifetime. Do you know any cases that have inspired you?

Former Apple CEO Steve Jobs: "Death Is Very Likely The Single Best Invention Of Life"

Former KPMG CEO Eugene O'Kelly 

Mattie Stepanek, the "boy poet"

Zach Sobiech, teen musician 


Ryan White, boy AIDS awareness campaigner

Having an out-of-body experience, a near-death experience, witnessing an ectoplasmic materialization of an extraphysical consciousness, clairvoyance or other ostensive personal evidence can lead one to lose the fear of death and to live more fully.  The resulting consciousness-centered paradigm helps us to understand and cope with life, death and dying in a healthier way and to understand their role in our spiritual evolution. While appreciating that the consciousness may be forever, we urge you to act on current opportunities for growth and making a difference as these are ephemeral.

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