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The Consciential Spa at IAC Campus in Portugal: a Spa for the Whole Being and a Step Toward Intrusionlessness

Consciential Spa
Spend the Spring in Portugal & Spain  

Departure: Saturday, May 10, 2014
Return: Sunday, May 18, 2014

Time for you to relax and update your self-research, in this Spa for your consciousness!

Explore your Consciousness and go deeper into Consciential Studies adding vacation time and visits to the beautiful Alentejo region and Lisbon in Portugal, as well as Spain.

Take this opportunity to get out of the routine with the perfect combination of tourism and intra-consciential experiments at IAC’s one-of-a-kind multidimensional laboratories.  

This 9-day/8-night trip to Europe offers you a deserved moment to enjoy activities for all your vehicles of manifestation: physical, energetic, emotional and mental!

Exercise, develop bioenergetic control and psychic perception, explore out-of-body experiences and challenge your mind with tailored classes and activities organized to deepen and expand your consciential limits.

Registration includes all classes and laboratories,accommodation, transportation and meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) during the trip. An IAC instructor will monitor and guide you during the whole week. Air ticket to Lisbon is not included.

 Day 1: May 10

- Group Departure from the U.S. towards Portugal
(next-day arrival in Portugal due to time zone difference)
 Day 2: May 11

- Group Arrives at Hotel
- Arrival at IAC Campus - Introduction
- Scheduling of laboratories and Oasis Project Presentation

 Day 3: May 12
- Bioenergies in Nature and picnic at IAC Campus
- Cosmogram class and Consciential Laboratories experimentation
- Evening Projective Technique

 Day 4: May 13

- Estremoz city tour and lunch
- Afternoon 3-hour Thematic Institutional Course and Lab experimentation
- Evening Projective Technique

 Day 5: May 14

- Retrocognitive city tour of Evora (city, castle, lunch, shopping)
- Cosmogram, lab experimentation
- Evening Projective Technique

 Day 6: May 15

- Oasis Project: work and interaction with nature at IAC Campus
- Video Projection with Discussion
- Lab Experimentation and group evaluation

 Day 7: May 16

- Day tour to Mérida and Badajoz, Spain
- Visit to Roman ruins and shopping
- Lunch and Dinner in Spain

 Day 8: May 17

- Drive to Lisbon
- City tour of Lisbon
- Farewell Dinner at Lisbon

 Day 9: May 18
- Departure from Lisbon airport for flight back (arriving in the U.S. the same day due to time-zone difference).
Price & Registration:
Price is $2375 per participant (double occupancy) until 02/10/14, $2575 until 3/25/14 and $2675 thereafter. Prices include land transportation, tours, courses in itinerary, 7-nights acomodation, all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) during this period, and an English-speaking IAC instructor as a guide.
Prices do not include airfare to Lisbon.

Registration Form:  Download it in PDF format by clicking here
 Prerequisites: Completion of the Consciousness Development Program Module 4 is a prerequisite for participating in the consciential Spa. To book your place, please fill out, sign and either email or fax your registration form to the closest IAC office in the US to you. 
Contact us for more information or submit your registration to: 
IAC California

Telephone: (310) 482.0000

Fax: (310) 482.0001
IAC Florida

Telephone: (305) 668.4668

Fax: (305) 668.4690
IAC New York

Telephone: (212) 867.0807

Fax: (855) Have OBE


Thematic course at the Campus

Phytoenergy lab


Projectarium (Animated) 

Evora's Diana temple

Student Testimonial

"I can't remember laughing so addition to being treated like royalty... the Spa opened up a multidimensional perspective on consciousness that will be of use to me for the rest of my life......! Being a VIP Training graduate, the Consciential Spa seemed like... attending a VIP Training with a group of participants, instead of by myself..."
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