Saturday, December 7, 2013

Articles on UK media ponder "Are we all psychic?"

In previous IAC blog posts, we have discussed the hypothesis that living beings, including humans and animals, can co-create and tap into a sort of teleological field of collective consciousness or global mind, as Larry Dossey has recently called it.  This hypothesis of consciousness as a driving force behind bíos, Life itself, that can co-create and change information fields is not new, but has been gaining increasing attention in the last decades due to contributions by researchers such as Brenda Dunne, Robert Jahn, Roger Nelson, Dean Radin, and Rupert Sheldrake among others. Holothosenes (Waldo Vieira), morphogenetic or morphic fields (Rupert Sheldrake), Source (Brenda Dunne, Robert Jahn) are new nomenclature for what theologian and anthropologist Theillard de Chardin called neosphere last century.

The use of such collective fields for the conduct and evolution of animals is what biologist and consciousness researcher Sheldrake coined theory of formative causation, whereby individual members of a species can tap into an information "field" or memory or map that contains memory from past experiences, how to behave, and what to look like. This information can spread quite quickly and across vast distances, allowing monkeys in distance islands to learn a new way of washing sand off of potatoes; or blue tit birds "copying" new behavior they could not have seen because they were too far away (opening milk bottles). We elaborated on this consciential neo-lamarckean, consciousness-driven hypothesis of biological evolution in a previous blogpost. Keep an eye out for the next "Zoo- and Phyto-Consciousness" course by IAC's Nelson Abreu to learn more as well! 

Global emotional events are also posited to create a condition of resonance among millions of individuals, in effect, introducing greater order or reducing the entropy or randomness in this consciousness field with a mirroring effect in the physical world, whereby otherwise random or stochastic physical systems because less so. Global Consciousness Project's network of random number or random event generators, first studied extensively at Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research lab, monitors such events. The most recent monitors such events. The most recent event of interest for the GCP was the death of the beloved South African independence and human rights and peace advocate Nelson Mandela. 

Recent articles on UK media cover the idea of this "consciousness field" in humans and other life forms. For instance:

BBC News: 'Memories' pass between generations

The Dail Mail online asks: Are we all PSYCHIC? Scientists believe that animals - including humans - have a collective consciousness

The Interconnected Mind by Adrian Nelson (metaRising video)

CBS2 news item on GCP recorded by Brian Keefe in July 2005

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