Friday, January 3, 2014

Mediumship, Ectoplasmic Phenomena: Video, Book and Event Recommendations

There has been great interest generated on the subject of ectoplasm and physical phenomena by students from IAC courses such as the upcoming Qualifications in Energosomatics and Energometry (18 - 26 January, Portugal), Multidimensional Praxis: Ectoplasm and Clairvoyance, Wagner Alegretti's Ectoplasm and CDP Advanced 2: Assistantial Energetic Field.  Also, the recent post sharing a new educational film on the history of the subject quickly became the 6th most read post in our blog. For additional documentaries, consider the BBC's Science and Seance on rise and height of Spiritualism in the US and UK in the Victorian era and Afterlife Investigations on physical evidence collected during a more contemporary case.

For more on a historical perspective of psychical or psi phenomena, including ectoplasmic ones, we recommend the upcoming course on the History of Parapsychism that will be webcast from Los Angeles with an New York-based scholar. For more information, contact

Recently, IAC scholars in Italy and Los Angeles had an opportunity to meet US-based, Austrian documentary-maker Robert Narholz who has been documenting contemporary efforts to study phenomena of mediumship and ectoplasmic physical phenomena. Our readership should find his video recordings under read lighting quite interesting, such as the one that follows:


Among contemporary researchers, we can find distinguished psi researcher Dr. Stephen Braude (Braude is a past president of the Parapsychological Association, and the Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Scientific Exploration, author of several articles and books on the subject). In this interview, he discusses his investigations with the Felix Circle, a German group led by a cardiologist. IAC recently visited researchers from other organizations based on the consciential paradigm, including Ectolab, which is focusing on physical and physiological correlates of psi phenomena.

We leave you with four book recommendations:

A. The first English-language translation of the 1908 Mediumistic Phenomena
by Dr. Filippo Bottazzi, translated by Antonio Giuditta and Irmeli Routti, published by ICRL Press on the extraordinary case of Eusapia Palladino. Respected scholar on the history and research of psi phenomena, Carlos Alvarado, has written a review of the book in Journal of Scientific Exploration.

B. Secondly, retired NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory physicist Dr. Jan Vandersande's Life After Death: Some of the Best Evidence summarizes a century of literature, personal experiences in seance circles in South Africa and elsewhere, including several interesting photographs. Below you can find an interview with the author.

C. There have been, throughout history, cases of clever techniques used to fool even intelligent, well-educated individuals. Anyone interested in the study of ectoplasmic phenomena should learn about this - one source to consider is the book Psychic Mafia. The challenge of ruling out trickery is one of the reasons phenomena like the out-of-body experience, which can be independently produced and verified, are so important to paradigm change.

D. For those who can read Portuguese: ECTOPLASMA - Descobertas de um médico psiquiatra

Nelson Abreu
IAC California

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