Monday, February 17, 2014

Aboriginal healers' out-of-body experiences and other psi abilities featured in The Australian newspaper, new book

Anthropologist and consciousness researcher, author Kim McCaul shared with our blog a fascinating article ("Super powers of central Australia's traditional healers") published in the newspaper The Australian. The article includes excerpts from Traditional Healers of Central Australia: Ngangkari (NPY Women's Council) - personal accounts that describe the therapeutic use of the projection of consciousness and other psychic phenomena among the shamans of Central Australia. 

"The texts below are direct translations of accounts provided in their own language by three Central Australian shamans, referred to commonly as “traditional healers” or “clever people” in Aboriginal English and as ngangkari in the native Pitjantjatjara of the authors. In these accounts the three healers explain their conscious use of the projection of consciousness and clairvoyance in their healing work. They explain the multidimensional aspects of their healing work; how they fly around at night (OBEs) helping their community, and how much of their work focuses on the spirit (psychosoma) of their patient.

Australian Aboriginal culture is often described as the oldest living culture on Earth. Before European colonization 200 years ago, the people on the continent had been largely isolated from other cultures for thousands of years. The archaeological record agrees conservatively that Aboriginal people have lived in Australia for at least 50,000 years, seemingly with little cultural change. In most parts, the last 200 years of colonization have caused substantial cultural loss. But in some of the more remote areas, English is still a second (or third of fourth) language and people still live in accordance with their own cultural priorities.

The Pitjantjatjara people of the central deserts of Australia are one such remote group. The texts give us a glimpse into a multidimensional understanding that has existed for thousands of years, long before the canonical texts of the Judeo-Christian religions, the European esoteric traditions, the “New Age” movement, or the technical explorations of OBEs that started last century. As such they are a powerful piece of evidence for the universal nature of the projection of consciousness."

 Aboriginal shamans Naomi Kantjuriny, Maringka Burton, Andy Tjilari featured in the articlePictures by Rhett Hammerton

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