Saturday, February 15, 2014

Bioenergetic Decathelon: New continual training course for CDP graduates!

IAC members and students who have completed the award-winning Consciousness Development Program had been requesting for more weekly activities that would bring together instructors, volunteers, members for continued practice and improvement: a sort of continuing education course to stimulate more regular practice and deepen the practical qualifications of CDP graduates due to the group atmosphere and more regular follow up.  In response to these requests, the IAC is launching its first "Bioenergetic Decathelon"  in Los Angeles. IAC educational centers around the world will begin hosting their own 10-week multidimensional awareness practice sessions in the second half of the year.

The course consists of 10 bioenergetic training sessions - a real bioenergetic decathlon! In this fashion, participants will receive a more constant and consistent follow-up and follow-through, support and feedback, over a longer period, helping to better instill healthier and more developed bioenergetic habits; as well as helping participants evolve their own abilities for producing bioenergetic phenomena and psychic experiences.
Join us for a 10-week mega-program (March 4 to May 6) to help develop your energosoma and your bioenergetic control. This brand-new program is 90% hands-on, practical, and exercise-oriented. Meeting once a week, participants will do every time several new drills in each weekly session, which will help develop different aspects of their energy body, like sensitivity, accuracy, control, strength, endurance, perception, acuteness and many others - a type of energosomatic body-building experience!

Aiming to work on the particular details of the participants bioenergetic condition, some main aspects covered will be:
- Bioenergetic Self-defense techniques
- Fluidity, quantity, speed, sweep and rectilinearity during VELO
- Clairvoyance and remote viewing exercises
- Learning to read the content (holothosene) in bioenergy
- Working with and perceiving bioenergies while walking
- Development of intuition
- Understanding our own energy body better and more in depth
- Becoming better aware of bioenergetic influences in our life
- Working on discovering and putting processes in place for decoding your personal psychic signage, and much more

Schedule of this first set of sessions (classes):
1. March 4: Enhanced Bioenergy Workout "A" (7:30PM-10PM)
2. March 11: VELO Dynamics "A" (7:30PM-9:30PM)
3. March 18: Enhanced Psychometry (7:30-9:30PM)
4. March 23: Enhanced Bioenergies in Motion (10AM-1PM)
5. April 1: Auric Coupling Dynamics "A" (7:30PM-9:30PM)
6. April 8: Enhanced Bioenergy Workout "B" (7:30PM-9:30PM)
7. April 15: VELO Dynamics "B" (7:30PM-9:30PM)
8. April 22: Auric Coupling Dynamics "B" (7:30PM-9:30PM)
9. April 29: Remote Viewing (7:30PM-9:30PM)
10. May 4: Enhanced Bioenergies in Nature (10AM-1PM)


Participants need to have completed CDP4 (Module 4 of the CDP) to participate. During each module, you'll receive the guideance, follow-up and instructions of experienced IAC instructors. The benefits of such sustained work with energies range from greater overall health, improved emotional balance, enhanced psychic development, greater production of paranormal phenomena, better extraphysical control during OBEs, to greater contact with advanced guides (helpers) and many others.

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