Thursday, February 13, 2014

Review of Scientific Evidence of Veridical Out Of Body Experiences in Blindfold blog

IAC Brazil's Veronica Serrano suggested a post by the interesting blog Blindfold mentions some classic scientific studies into the out-of-body experience that indicate that these projections of the consciousness are more common than many people think. Some of the evidence is indicative of a veridical experience, beyond the imaginary or oneiric realms of dreams, optical illusions and hallucinations. The post also features a video of a Science and Non-Duality conference talk by OBE/NDE researcher and physician Pim van Lommel.

In previous IAC Blog posts, we have addressed the subject of evidence suggestive of a more objective nature of projections of the consciousness ("astral travel," as it was once called). We have also discussed studies that claim to study the OBE, but, in fact, are not ("faux-B.E." studies).  Some have gone as far as saying that science has proven that the OBE is an illusory experience, but there are several problems with such a statement: both factual and philosophical.

Fellow OBE researcher and experiencer Graham Nicholls wrote a piece on the subject of pseudo-OBE research and veridical OBE evidence for Noetic Now Journal that should be of interest to our readers, as well.

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