Tuesday, July 1, 2014

OBE Research Survey from UK university

Have you had an 'Out-of-Body Experience'?

Request for research participation


Have you had one or more Out-of-Body Experiences (OBEs) in which it seems as
if your sense of self or consciousness has become separated from your
physical body? These experiences can occur under a variety of conditions. If
you have experienced one or more OBEs we are interested to hear from you
about your experience(s). This research is being carried out at Nottingham
Trent University (NTU) and is being conducted by me, Andrew Hodrien
(Research Assistant - my contact details can be found at the end of this
message) and the project is being supervised by Dr David Wilde.

The aim of this research is to develop an OBE 'screening' scale which will
be able to more precisely identify whether someone has had an OBE. At
present no such tool exists for OBEs. Our research is not testing your
experience in relation to psychological variables as is commonly done in OBE
research, but instead explores the content of the experience itself to
better understand it and differentiate it from other experiences.

To do this we would like your help by asking you if you would fill in an
online questionnaire anonymously about the individual aspects of one of your
OBEs. Your inclusion of this experience is important as it will contribute
to the development of the scale. You can access the questionnaire by
clicking on the link below.

The questionnaire includes full information on the study to enable you to
decide whether or not to participate and offers a general definition of the

The inclusion criteria for this study (aside from your experience fitting
our definition) are:

. You have no known organic condition which causes you to be prone to
visual hallucinations
. You are able to provide informed consent
. You are over 18 years old
. You are able to provide a short written account of your OBE in
. You are able to recall all of the OBE you wish to tell us about
(i.e. not just give a partial account of it)

You won't need to note these down but please only participate if you can
agree with these criteria.

The survey can be completed by following this link.

Closing date of the survey is: 31st July 2014 at 23:50 (GMT)

If you wish to find out more about the survey, or wish to take part and have
any queries, please contact the researchers via email at:

Thank you for reading this and we hope to hear from you,

Andrew Hodrien
Research Assistant
Nottingham Trent University

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