Saturday, August 9, 2014

Does God Exist? - Question from student in San Diego, CA (Ask IAC series)

Conscientiology (consciousness science) has the potential to refute materialism by demonstrating, for instance, the survival of biological death or pre-birth experiences. It has been unable to, however, answer questions such as "is there a Creator? When and how was Reality and consciousness created - if they were created at all?" The majority opinion among IAC academics, inspired by accounts of oneness-with-the-universe or cosmoconsciousness (the closest thing to a sense of god that we know of),  is that consciousness has always existed and was never created; as such there may be no creation nor a creator as such (certainly not the cartoonish, popular image of a bearded old man); similarly there may be no end - evolution may be infinite like the theoretical number line. 

Time and space do not appear to be absolute concepts. However, we are perfectly content to admit that, scientifically and experientially speaking, we do not know of a way to be quite certain. We defend an individual's right to have his or her own beliefs without experiencing or inflicting discrimination and oppression. In other words, we must protect freedom of conscience and action, just as long as one's actions do not curb the liberty and well-being of others. In the meanwhile, we have plenty to investigate and develop in the here and now through science and personal exploration. 

Cosmoconsciousness Lab
IAC Campus (Portugal)


Cosmoconsciousness & Mental Body

Nelson Abreu
IAC California

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