Saturday, August 9, 2014

Energetic and Intellectual Self-Defense

IAC students are very familiar with the idea of mastering subtle energy techniques to achieve, among other benefits, a sort of energy self-defense, in the sense that one can isolate oneself from undesirable external thoughts or feelings transmitted through biofields. We've discussed this topic before in the blog. Several of our courses address the subject, for instance, the CDP, the Bioenergy Decathlon, and the Bioenergy Workout

 Fig. 1 - Illustration of the VELO Technique

 Fig. 2 - Vibrational State illustration

The renown linguist and critic Noam Chomsky famously stated that citizens of democratic societies ought to take courses on "intellectual self-defense" to prevent being victims of conscious and sub-conscious manipulation by elites and even themselves. While his work is highlypoliticized and IAC, as a non-partisan organization, does not endorse all of his views, his admonition contains some sound advice for consciousness science and self-knowledge: critical thinking is fundamental to maintain the scientificity and democracy of any field and to prevent hetero- and self-deception, whether conscious or otherwise, in the pursuit for cutting-edge, relative truth. Chomsky posits that without critical, omni-questioning citizens, we get only a semblance of democracy. It could be said that without intellectual self-defense, unchallenged logical fallacies can lead to a semblance of true science. The following article mentions 10 tips:


  1. Chomski on courses of intellectual self-defense

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