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Vibrational State & the Frontochakra ("Third Eye")

IAC blog guest contributor, independent consciousness scholar, Australian anthropologist and author Kim McCaul has a new post on his blog, where he shares personal insights from his personal bioenergy practice - especifically the induction of the vibrational state, which is linked to the out-of-body experience, energy self-defense and wellness. To learn more about the vibrational state, check out this previous post and video interview with IAC practioner and scholar Wagner Alegretti.

This variant or supplement to the technique taught at International Academy of Consciousness is remindscent of another variant that was published in the Journal of Conscientiology by Brazilian practitioner Mário de Luna, now available in digital format for subscribers.

If you have experiences with the vibrational state, your participation in the following IAC research survey will be much appreciated.

by Kim McCaul

If you have come to his little article because you have experienced either of the sensations referred to in the title and you were worried about them, the first thing to know is that they are perfectly natural. The trail blazing OBE researcher Robert Monroe spontaneously began experiencing unusual vibrations when he laid down to rest or sleep. He spent some time worrying about his health, both physical and mental, until he realized that the vibrations simply related to the process of separation from his physical body. If you are in that position, you can stop worrying and start exploring the subtle dimensions of life that these sensations relate to.

I started meditating without any desire to explore multidimensionality. I didn’t even realize life was multidimensional. I just wanted to calm my mind. Yet within a very short period of time I experienced vibrations all over my body while in meditation, and developed a pulsation around my third eye that persisted even when I was just going about my daily business.

Eventually I came to understand that both those sensations relate to our energetic body. This body is comprised of the energy Eastern traditions refer to as Chi / Qui / Ki. It permeates our physical body, and extends just a bit beyond the limits of our skin. It comprises a complex system that includes channels, like the veins in our body, and distribution or circulation centers known as chakras. 

Like air this energy is essential to our survival, it is our life force. It has been given a range of English names such as vital energy and etheric energy; in conscientiology it is called bioenergy, the energy of life. Because it is so much subtler than our physical body, we are rarely aware of this part of us. But when we become still and tune into it, or when we take actions to move and develop that body, then we can start to perceive it in a range of ways, including as intense vibrations and pulsations, or subtle tinglings and pinpricks. 

When I started to study conscientiology, I learned a technique by which to deliberately induce the vibrational state even when I wasn’t meditating. This technique, called the closed circulation of energy, is essentially an exercise of the mind and involves mentally inducing ever-accelerating movement of the energetic body. You start at the top of your head and move the energy all the way down to your feet before returning back to the top, continuing and accelerating that cycle until reaching the vibrational state (you can find a nice illustration of this here). You can do this while laying in your bed, sitting in a restaurant or standing in a cue.

I have now practiced this technique for years. Throughout that period my third eye kept pulsating most of time, regardless as to whether I was doing the closed circulation regularly or not. I could be sitting at my desk working, playing in the park with my kids or practicing a meditation, the pulsation of energy around my third eye remained an almost constant companion. Initially I thought it was something really significant, an opening of clairvoyance for example and that any time soon I would become permanently attuned to non-physical dimensions. But a decade and a half later it appears that these pulsations have nothing to do with clairvoyance, and my abilities in that regard remain as haphazard as they ever were.

However, I have recently begun to gain a new appreciation of the role of the third eye chakra in our wider energetic system. A meditation technique taught by the Clairvision School works very deliberately with the third-eye chakra, using it as a focus point in exploring our inner world of consciousness. In the course of my still fledgling studies of the Clairvision School’s approach, I decided to combine the focus on the third-eye with the deliberate induction of the vibrational state. Instead of moving energy up and down through my energetic system in the broad sweep of the closed circulation of energies, I have started focusing my full awareness on the pulsations of my third-eye chakra and then extending that pulsation throughout my energetic body. It appears to be a very effective way of inducing the vibrational state. Before long I start to perceive the pulsation in the crown chakra at the top of my head, and the planto-chakras at the centers of my feet and then my entire energetic system enters a subtle but tangible vibrational state. The third-eye chakra has become a switch with which to crank up the volume of the whole energetic body.

And if you are wondering why you may want to do that, there are many reasons. If you are an energetically sensitive person, the vibrational state is an excellent technique to balance yourself when you have to deal with dense or challenging environments. It is a technique that helps you reclaim your energetic space and thereby also your mental and emotional space. If you are pursuing out-of-body travels, inducing the vibrational state while lying down in a relaxed position can cause the separation of your subtle psychosoma (astral body) from the physical body. And if you are interested in working more closely with non-physical helpers, regular vibrational states will help you develop an energetic micro-climate in which helpers can provide greater assistance to both physical and non-physical people in need who cross your path.

So if you are already experiencing the subtle sensations of your energetic body I encourage you to explore and develop them. And if all of this seems very abstract to you because you don’t think you have ever experienced any of the things I am talking about, but you are still reading this, I encourage you to try working with your energy and experience it for yourself.  

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